Top 10 Companies To Work for in Nigeria


Top 10 Companies To Work for in Nigeria – The prime aim of every individual eligible enough to be in the labour force is to be gainfully and securely employed in a reputable organization with a consistent pay cheque that can keep him or her comfortable by all living standards and have a substantial balance for miscellaneous frivolities.

Entrepreneurship often times comes as a last resort after a tortous search in futility.

Nigeria in it’s plenitude of companies (Local and Multinational) leaves the eligible lot with much choices, but the big question is?

Which one of these companies offers a higher pay, job security, opportunity to expand horizons, work/life balance, staff welfare and all the fine perks any organization could offer.

Jobberman alongside our little online review have provided a list of these most viable companies to work for based on the criteria outlined up there.

They painstakingly  conducted a detailed survey employing all resources available at their disposal to come up with an apparent veritable list of these companies, so we are sure you might have reservations on the list, but the list was carefully compiled from the backdrop of employee surveys, a plethora of employee surveys over a period of time.

Here are the Top 10 best companies to work for in Nigeria with their descriptions:

General Electric (Conglomerate)

Although there’s electric in it’s name, however the company is much more than power.

It’s a large conglomerate comprising of many sectors which includes;

Transportation, technology, power generation, aviation, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing and skill development.

In the course of 40years, General Electric has established a rockstone stand in the Nigerian economy playing major roles in all the sectors it invested in.

It has over 500 indigenous employees and provides customer services for it’s teeming populace from both private and public sectors in its office locations in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onne and Abuja.

Airtel Nigeria (Telecommunications)

Airtel is the third largest telecom operator in Nigeria with over 33 million subscribers which makes it one of the leading giants in the industry.

Since it’s launch in 2010 after acquiring Zain Mobile, Airtel has invested over $1.7 billion to broaden its network capacity and foster a wider reach across Nigeria.

Airtel was founded 22 years ago in India and is a worldwide Telecom company.

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Google Nigeria (Internet)

The name alone is enough description.

There’s a 99% chance you found this article through Google, could be directly or indirectly.

The largest search engine in the world is sure a very good and proud place to have an employee ID card.

Google offers career advancement opportunities, perks like offshore workshops and seminars, work-life balance and most imperatively a smile inciting pay.

Shell Petroleum (Oil and Gas)

Shell is the most prestigious and premier oil and gas company in Nigeria.

Commenced operations in the shores of Nigeria in 1937 and discovered oil in Oloibiri, Rivers State, Nigeria in 1956.

Shell has been Nigeria’s largest crude oil producer before the Exxon Mobil breakthrough in 2015.

Inspite of it’s displacement, Shell is still revered as the most prodigious in Nigeria, a reputation it has held for over 70 years.

It’s employee payroll is eye popping as some reports have revealed that entry-level staffs go home with six figures monthly.

One of the most desired places to work in Nigeria in the oil and gas sector is Shell with lots of fringe benefits.

Guaranty Trust Bank (Banking)

GTBank offers a unique platform for career advancement while enjoying the trappings of your employee status, although working here according to the surveys can be very stressful but the remuneration package is rewarding.

GTBank is the third largest bank in Nigeria and one of the most advanced banks in technology and in attaining global banking touch stones.

The job security is rated fairly okay.

First Bank Nig Plc (Banking)

Nigeria’s premier and most valuable bank brand is a great place to work in.

Employees here enjoy lots of freebies alongside a fat pay cheque.

The company offers their staffs opportunities to become part of the it’s shareholders list through a contribution system.

The job security is not something to fret about, with their age in existence across Nigeria, employees aren’t scared of liquidation.

The pay is encouraging and competitive.

Union Bank of Nigeria (Banking)

The third bank on the list and a fantastic company to be on it’s payroll.

Union Bank embodies rich cultural values and a challenging environment for career progress.

The insecurities surrounding job opportunities are not common here and the management reviews lies on the positive high side.

They are strong and reliable like the horse on their emblem.

Konga (E-commerce)

Nigeria’s largest and first online shopping mall is one place that receive the cravings of many in the job hunt train.

The opportunity to learn new things abounds here in no minute measure, the challenging ambience to inspire more productivity is a huge plus, the associated perks are mouthwatering, and the remuneration isn’t doing badly.

It’s a happy day for anyone who gets an appointment.

Nestle Nigerian Plc (Food)

Nestle takes specialty in food and beverages manufacturing.

It’s excellent reputation in the Nigerian food industry has been earthed over the years.

It’s products are majorly for households nutritional demands, the food industry is for sure, one sector that never runs dry, it’s a busy sector all year round, except for leadership flops or employee lapses, the job security is high, we all must eat.

The job place teaches thoroughness and careful attention to details, it’s food we are talking about, health is of essence.

And of course fringe benefits on top of a rewarding salary is not left out of the mix.

Cool Fm Lagos (Media)

You’re not the only one ¬†astonished by this cool radio station on the list.

Really, cool Fm is about the coolest thing the media in Nigeria has ever experienced.

It’s an exciting work place to be, good pay, vibrant staff to staff and staff to management relationship, amazing perks, career rising chances and lots more.

Working in such a lively environment can actually improve one’s life in a happy way.

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