Tips That Will Get You a Graduate Job in Nigeria


graduate job in nigeriaLooking for a job in a country with a population of over 178 million people is not a walk in the park.

However, you have the possibility of getting a very well-paying job that will easily see you through to achieving all your dreams.

You only need to be well fed with information on the things that you should do to bring you closer to that job that you are looking for.

Besides, you also need to understand some of the few things that you need to avoid whenever you are looking for jobs in Nigeria.

This article comprehensively discusses some of these things that you need to take into consideration to earn you a graduate job.

Take time to look for the job that you want

There is one thing that will never happen no matter how long you wait.

You should never expect a job coming to look for you just because you are a graduate.

You have the mandate of making an effort to look for the job.

You need to know your area of specialization and identify the organizations that have the possibility of contracting your service.

Visit the institutions and organizations and check on their noticeboards whether any vacancies match your qualifications.

You can also visit their websites and check the latest updates.

The local newspapers publish employment opportunities in their classifieds sections.

This can also be of importance for you.

Be on the look-out and ensure that you are informed.


Make applications for the jobs

Write as many applications as possible.

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait to apply only when a vacancy comes up in an organization.

You can apply even when there is no vacancy.

You can always apply and let the organization keep your application pending.

Studies have indicated that a good number of professionals got jobs following the earlier applications they had made.

The most important thing to take into consideration is the Curriculum Vitae and the cover letter.

You need to keep information clear and precise avoiding any irrelevant details that will add nothing to your employment determination.

Make a perfect representation of your work experience, skills and other achievements that you have made in your life.

Keep everything relevant to your professional life.

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Accompany a cover letter with your resume

Cover letter is a crucial document that will add value and increase your chances of getting the job.

Remember you may be competing against several other graduates who have equal or better qualifications than you.

Most organizations use the cover letters as an immediate basis of judgment for job applicants.

You may have the academic qualification as displayed by the comprehensive CV and the colorful certificates but can you articulate issues well?

Do you have something positive to say about yourself? Why do you think you deserve the job?

These are among the questions the organization’s employment panel will be seeking from your cover letter.

You, therefore, have every reason to work very hard on the cover letter.

Use a simple formal language that doesn’t require interpretation because nobody has time for that.

Do not use parables or any figurative language in the cover letter unless you are seeking to present it to a literature lecturer and not to human resource department of an organization.

Remember this letter will be used to judge you so keep it error free lest you be considered ignorant and casual.

Nobody will entrust such a person with a job while many people are looking for the same job.

The cover letter needs to be brief.

Don’t use words that imply you are begging for that job.

Come on; you have the qualifications hence you need to trust that you are the best candidate for the job.

Begging indicates insufficiency, and this is one reason to have you disqualified.

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Be careful with the way you handle interviews

You applied for a job, and you have been shortlisted.

You are near to getting the job and at the same time far away.

You are near because at least you have been considered in the list of shortlisted candidates.

You are also far away because there is so much that you are required to do to beat all your fellow applicants to get the job.

An interview is one of the trickiest levels in the quest to get a job.

Prior to the interview, you need to prepare well.

Familiarize yourself with the details captured in your resume.

You never know where the questions will come from.

Have your career philosophy that is aimed at benefiting the organization, those you serve and finally you.

Check on your dress code.

Avoid too much exaggerations and make-ups that will turn you into a Christmas tree.

Your physical gloom will add a lot of points to your overall score.

Take it seriously.

You are now in the boardroom facing the stern panel that wants you to convince them why you and not another applicant.

Compose yourself.

It is too early in the morning to start sweating.

Shift your eyes from one panel to another.

Don’t rush to answer any question.

Take some few minutes to digest it.

You will beat them in their own game as they expect you to answer questions hurriedly to leave the boardroom.

You surely have the job.

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