Top 10 Companies to Work for in Nigeria (2020)


Top 10 Companies to Work for in Nigeria (2020) – Contemporary times have shown that getting a good job whether it’s 9-5 or 8-6 with a fat remuneration, offers one some level of satisfaction, fulfilment and even bragging rights when it comes to living a comfortable life.

It’s true that you stare at that affluent neighbor of yours with sheer jealousy every morning when he leaves the street with his exotic car because he works with UBA.

You envy because you want one too.

While some very patient and dogged youths are going entrepreneurial, some would avidly offer their kidney and add one of their balls to get a job in one of these household luxury companies in Nigeria.

This subject of the best companies to work for in Nigeria is often searched by job hunters, which is why the article intends to bring to light some of the best job places in Nigeria to you.

It should be noted that, this list was compiled after a painstaking effort by Jobberman and other job search online platforms.

The yardstick and methodology employed in the study is an all encompassing one including job security, happiness at work place, career growth opportunities, incentives and other relevant parameters associated with the work environment.

Caveat: These list might not be what you expect, don’t worry, unpredictability is the new meat of life.

Here are the top 10 companies to work for in Nigeria


andelaFounded in 2014 with a vision to raise a technology dream team that will occupy the IT workforce and prove to the rest of the World that Africa is really rising up in emerging technological trends.

Andela focuses on software and web development.

Young people with a zest for tech driven solutions and productivity are being trained and paid.

They are equipped to match their counterparts anywhere under the sun.

When Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria, Andela was a port of call, apparently the young billionaire wanted to see things for himself, the testimonies from Andela were just too awesome.

United Bank For Africa (UBA)

Top 10 Companies to Work For in Nigeria UBA is one of Nigeria’s foremost banks and indeed a key player in Africa’s banking sector.

Founded in 1949 and has a Nigerian Tony Elumelu as it’s chairman. It is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with a huge staff base.

Courteville Business Solutions (CBS)

Companies to Work For in NigeriaCBS is an e-business solution company. One of Africa’s prime e-business solution outfit with a focus on offering e-business therapies to companies around Nigeria and some African states.

Their services accelerate results through technology  and they are the largest in offering data capture services in sub-Saharan Africa.

Union Bank of Nigeria

Companies to Work For in Nigeria (2018)This bank has been around a lot longer before the Nigerian populace began adapting to the banking culture.

It was founded in 1917 as a colonial bank but was acquired by Barclays bank before it adopted the name Union Bank.

For a bank that’s an oldie in the league, job security is nothing to be weary about, they’ve probably outgrown liquidation threats.

Access Bank Nigeria Plc

Top 10 Companies to Work One of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions and the third bank on the list is Access bank.

Founded in 1989, it is the member of the Access Bank Group with subsidiaries in eight African countries and the United Kingdom.

Access Bank is one of the five largest banks in Nigeria in terms of assets, branch networks, loans and deposits.

It has over 9000 employees on it’s payroll.

The bank became so strong enough to acquire ailing Intercontinental bank in 2012.

MTN Nigeria

Companies to Work For
A worker walks past an outlet of South Africa’s MTN Group in Johannesburg, South Africa, February 23, 2016. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/File Photo

The first Telecom industry in the list and the most prodigious telecom industry in Nigeria and Africa.

It’s always a happy day for anyone who gets an appointment letter from the giants of telecom in Africa.

Was founded in 1994, headquartered in South Africa and has it’s presence in over 20 African nations.

MTN has an employee populace of over 17,510 as of 2010 according to Wikipedia.

That figure, presumably is being dwarfed by the most recent staff number.

The pay cheque is usually fat in size.

Guinness Nigeria Plc

Guinness Nigeria PlcArguably, this is the largest beer manufacturing company in the world, not just Nigeria.

Working with them could really inflate ones ego and deform the entry level employee’s shoulder.

Guinness was founded in 1950, United Kingdom, but came into Nigeria in 1962, establishing it’s brewery in Ikeja, Lagos.

The reputation of the company as a brand and as a public limited company is strong in Nigeria and Africa.

For a company that’s been around before the civil war, unless you choose to mess things up yourself, your job is secured and the pay is cool.


KPMG nigeriaThis company is involved in auditing, tax, consultancy, and advisory services.

The KPMG is an acronym for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler.

Founded in 1818 by Grace, Darbyshire and Todd.

The company has a long history of mergers and founders after the first three.

They have a global reach with their headquarters in Amstelveen, Netherlands and other mega branches across the world.

Getting an employee ID here is a very tough activity.

The standard at KPMG is on a class by itself, better be armed like a global professional warrior if you need a job here.

Of course you have to smile after 30 days.

Pricewater Cooper House (PWC)

Pricewater Cooper House (PWC)PWC is one of the world’s leading professional services firm.

The company is akin to KPMG in terms of its founding history (1854, 1849 and 1998) and they are both among the world’s top four auditors.

They have their headquarters in London, United Kingdom and major branches across the world.

Their reputation for excellence is solid, and has been ranked as the world most prestigious accounting firm severally.

Roll up your sleeves for a nerve-racking work experience that can improve not just your career but your life entirely.

Dangote Group

Dangote GroupThe Dangote Group of Companies is the  first company founded by a Nigerian on the list.

Not just a Nigerian, but the richest black man in the world.

He founded the group in 1981 as a trading venture, today, it has grown to become West Africa’s largest conglomerate, with interests in Sugar, flour, cement, salt, steel, oil and gas.

Dangote has and is still clamping down on the menace of unemployment in Nigeria, as he pays over 30,000 employees monthly.

He is a Nigerian, he knows his country very well and so working for him can be bliss redefined, suffice to add, the billionaire has a big heart.

Below is the list of top 10 companies to work for in Nigeria 2019

  • Andela
  • United Bank For Africa (UBA)
  • Courteville Business Solutions (CBS)
  • Union Bank
  • Access Bank Nigerian Plc
  • MTN Nigeria
  • Guinness Nigeria Plc
  • KPMG
  • Pricewater Cooper House (PWC)
  • Dangote Group

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