Recruitment at African Development Bank (AfDB), Wednesday 28, March 2018


Recruitment at African Development Bank (AfDB), Wednesday 28, March 2018 – African Development Bank Group (AfDB) – Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the head container African advancement organization, advancing financial development and social advance over the landmass. There are 80 part states, incorporating 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries).

The Bank’s improvement plan is conveying the money related and specialized help for transformative ventures that will fundamentally lessen neediness through comprehensive and practical financial development.


Reference: ADB/17/321/2
Location: Côte d’Ivoire
Grade: PL3
Position N°: 50093769
Publication date: 27/03/2018

The Vice Presidency for Finance oversees the financial management of the Bank Group.
This encompasses the Bank Group’s treasury activities including borrowings from the capital markets and investment activities; controllership functions including financial reporting and loan administration; strategic resource mobilization and the strengthening of the non-statutory financial resources and instruments; the overall asset/liability management for the Bank Group.

The role of the Financial Management Department is to develop and promulgate policies and guidelines relating to the financial management for the Bank Group.
It also ensures internal consistency of all financial policies and guidelines, including those initiated and developed by the other departments in the Bank, as well as monitors and reports on compliance.
The Asset and Liability Management Division is responsible for developing and directing the Asset and Liability Management functions of the Bank Group entities, including financial policies, financial modelling and projections and balance sheet management activities involving risks related to changes in interest rates, exchange rates and the liquidity position

The Chief Financial Risk Officer ensures that Asset and Liability Management exposures are identified, measured and reported and, where necessary, mitigated.
He/she provides analytical expertise for assessing the financial impact of strategies, initiatives, products, etc. on Bank Group entities and ensures that financial risks are maintained within Board approved limits and the Asset and Liability Management Committee guidelines

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, Asset and Liability Management, the Chief Financial risk Officer will perform the following:

Lead the formulation and periodic review of asset liability management policies and guidelines for the African Development Bank, the African Development Fund and the Nigeria Trust Fund.
Co-ordinate the upgrade and update the Bank Group’s medium and long-term financial projections models for the African Development Bank, African Development Fund and Nigeria Trust Fund.
Lead the preparation of the Bank’s annual medium-term financial performance outlook paper, accompanying Board seminar and the Programme and Budget exercise
Lead the study of specific products and how their structure should be modeled in order to reflect how their profiles impact the Bank Group risk profile.
Lead the preparation of background working papers on the Bank’s and Fund’s resource mobilization initiatives such as general capital increases and African Development Fund replenishments.
Co-ordinate the preparation of quarterly reports on currency, interest rate and liquidity risk and on financial projections.
Provides advisory support on all issues relating to asset/liability management and participate in appropriate working groups of the asset and liability management committee.
Contribute to the preparation of the Bank Group’s annual market risk review.
Ensure the appropriateness of the Asset and Liability Management IT infrastructure and the integrity of Risk management Analytics System/Processes with consideration for data, assumptions, processes and reporting through automation, reconciliation, and documentation.
Keep a— of all Asset and Liability Management risks – related regulatory developments and industry best practice – particularly through the development of a strong network with peers at other major MDBs and active participation to international forums on Asset and Liability Management and financial management topics.

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

Hold at least a Master’s degree or its equivalent in a quantitative field (Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics and/or other relevant fields). CFA or FRM/PRM professional qualification is advantageous.
Have a minimum of seven (7) years of relevant professional experience in a bank, similar financial institution or related consulting role, with at least five (05) years in an Asset and Liability Management or related role in financial risk management.
Having private sector experience will be an added advantage.
Experience with a Multilateral Development Bank is highly desirable.
Strong ability to guide and supervise a small team.
Expert knowledge of balance sheet management and complex financial instruments, with proven experience in the implementation of Asset and Liability Management frameworks and financial modelling, forecasting P&L and balance sheet of financial services/banking entity.
Strong analytical, pproblem solving and project management skills.
Good understanding of relational databases and development languages (e.g. SQL, VBA).
Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other language.
Competence in the use of standard software (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).


Reference: ADB/18/031
Location: Côte d’Ivoire
Grade: GS8
Position N°: 50000727

The Vice-Presidency, Corporate Services and Human Resources (CHVP) ensures the delivery of efficient, people-centered, client-oriented, corporate services to ensure overall institutional effectiveness in all aspects of the Bank’s corporate services.
The complex leads efforts to ensure the competitiveness of the Bank as the employer of choice and is responsible for providing leadership in the formulation and implementation of Bank’s strategies on people, IT, general services and institutional procurements, language services, business continuity and, health and safety strategies.
The Hiring Department/Division
The role of the Human Resources Management department is to develop and execute a People Strategy, Policies, processes and practices which will enable the Bank to achieve its strategic Agenda. Core to the HR Strategy will be the attraction, development, engagement, motivation and retention of a best-in-class workforce.

In order to create a truly transformed HR work-way, CHHR department is structured around a triangular Model: Business Partnerships for strategy, client contracting and HR delivery, Centers of Expertise/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for internal consulting, thought leadership, design, talent and staff development and training  and best practice benchmarking, HR Shared Services for transactional excellence and employees outreach. This new HR Model will deliver a world-class employee life-cycle experience.

Within the Human Resources Department (CHHR), HR Shared Services (CHHR.2) is responsible to the administration of employee, management of benefits, HR processes and data center.


Under the supervision of the Benefits officer and under the overall supervision of the Division Manager CHHR2, the incumbent is responsible for reviewing, analyzing and processing staff members’ requests for benefits payments and loans, as well as applications for benefits allowances; and controls and verifies all inputs (entries) made into the computer system, to ensure accuracy and adherence to the rules

Under the overall supervision of the Benefits Officer, the incumbent will undertake the following Key


Process claims for staff members for reimbursement of Insurance
Administer Bank details for staff payroll; Verify and administer for payroll purposes
Process acting Allowances for staff
Process BDIR payments on behalf of Office of the Secretary General (PSEG)
Provide assistance to Staff members for On-Boarding operations:
Interpret staff rules to determine benefits due to staff members joining the Bank
Coordinate with others CHHR divisions, CHGS and the staff member to facilitate shipment of personal effects and Travel for dependents.
Coordinate the registration of eligible dependents and ensure payments are only made for eligible dependents
Process payment of installation allowance for the eligible staff in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Communicate with staff and ensure they understand the status of their payments
Raise payment vouchers for payments in relation to assumption of duty benefits
Provide Assistance to Staff members for Off-Boarding operations:
Interpret staff rules to determine benefits due to staff members leaving the Bank
Coordinate with others CHHR divisions, CHGS and the staff member to facilitate repatriation of personal effects and dependents
Compute death benefits including Insurance payments and Death indemnity
In case of a death of a staff member, liaise with PGCL to ensure the eligibility of beneficiaries
Communicate with staff and ensure they understand the status of their payments
Raise payment vouchers for payments in relation to departures under voluntary separation, death, resignation, early and normal retirement
Provide Assistance to Staff members for Education Benefits:
Process requests of staff members for Education advance payments
Process justifications for completed claims/applications
Communicate and Drafting correspondence to staff relating to Education benefits
Elaborate appropriate reporting to facilitate the monitoring of the requests for Education benefits
Assist staff members for any request related to Education benefits
Administer Time management framework for staff members and managers:
Administer Leave entitlements and Generation of leave quotas
Administer work schedules and FlexiTime programs
Administer of holidays calendars
Administer Maternity leave and Sick leave in liaison with Medical center
Manage staff salary advances:
Process requests for Salary Advances;
Prepare reconciliations of balances of advances.
Process Debt recovery for separated staff
Provide Country Office expatriation assistance:
Process relocation benefits
Respond to queries and guidance to IRS on policy
Administer other benefits such as Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), Hardship Allowance, deductions for staff housing co-pay through payroll
Assist in mitigating risk for deposit loans
Carry out Risk Assessment and Mitigation:
Check and reconcile all benefits
Report Periodically


Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

Hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree/Licence/BAC+4/Maîtrise or its equivalent in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Commerce or other related disciplines;
Audit, Project Management or Human Resource is an added advantage.
Have a minimum of six (6) years of relevant practical working experience at progressive positions in an international organization;
Strong computation skills, ability to perform various tasks, attention to detail and ability to work under pressure and within a multidisciplinary and multicultural team;
Good organizational and interpersonal skills are strongly desired;
Operational Effectiveness
Problem Solving
Client Orientation
Team working and relations
Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other.
Competence in the use of standard Microsoft Office Suite applications. SAP – Finance and HR Modules proficiency is advantageous.


Reference: ADB/18/032
Location: Côte d’Ivoire
Grade: GS7
Position N°: 50001331

The Vice Presidency for Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialization is central to the Bank’s mission of developing the private sector, improving infrastructure and accelerating industrialization.
The complex main functions are to:
Strengthen the enabling environment for private sector [and financial sector]development conducive to inclusive growth and sustainable development,
Support the development of reliable and sustainable infrastructure, including cities and urban development, and
Place renewed emphasis on industrial and trade performance in support of structural transformation across Africa.
The Complex leverages knowledge, co-financing, and partnerships to attract private capital and work with governments on delivering the Bank’s development agenda.

The Hiring Department
The primary role of the Financial Sector Development (FSD) Department is to help the Regional Member Countries (RMCs) increase the reach, depth, and breadth of their financial systems, while safeguarding financial stability.

The Department has four long-term objectives:

Development of a vibrant private sector through an inclusive access by households and enterprises to financial services;
Strengthening markets participants;
Developing efficient capital markets, and
Deepening regional financial integration.
Paired with other Industrialization, infrastructure and Private Sector complex departments, the FSD Department is responsible for implementing the Bank Group’s Financial Sector Development Policy and Strategy 2014-2019 (FSDPS) towards vibrant, innovative, robust and competitive financial systems, both national and regional, and in both the public and private sector levels of RMCs. FSD plays a transversal role across the Bank’s five strategic priorities, applying its financial deepening and access tool kit to the High Five (H5) agenda.

Fundamentally, the scalability and policy momentum inherent in the H5 agenda create an important opportunity for expanded relevance of the FSD core skill-set: flexible financing instruments and delivery frameworks for financial inclusion, smart resource mobilization and capital markets development. FSD leverages partnerships to bring about greater developmental impact in financial sector development.

Under the supervision of the Financial Sector Director, the Operation Assistant will contribute to the work unit by completing a variety of tasks assigned, covering all or a combination of the following functions:

Providing support, facilitation, follow-up and sometimes closure on transactional PIFD issues
Assist the Task Manager and Divisions Manager in the execution /implementation of the work-plans for the in alignment with the business strategy of the department
Support the Director and the Front Office staff in the preparation of planning and reporting documents, with particular emphasis on drawing on information maintained on databases.
Analyze supervision data, monitor disbursement status and arrange follow up and reporting actions, as well as monitoring project cancellations, write off procedures and adherence to write-off policies
Assist in the preparation and monitoring of the division’s administrative budget, work programs, mission schedules and staff movements schedules, and participate in the identification of resource requirements and sources of funding.
Provide budget analysis reports to the Complex Management Budget Coordinator and director
Prepare, and as needed, gather information and relevant documents for the supervisor regarding issues being discussed or processed by the director.
Provide first-level support to response to staff information requests in areas of responsibility.
Execute received instructions and anticipate and inform superior and relevant colleagues of any risk of delay in achieving targets, and take or recommend action to avoid it as per operating procedure.

Workflow management:

Devise and maintain efficient office systems;
Track and follow-up with documents; deal with incoming email, faxes and general mail.

Office Administration:
Organize and attend to meetings, appointments, luncheons and events to ensure that responsible management are well prepared;
Participating in the preparation of the annual and mid-year budget review by inputting data and the monitoring thereof and updating and maintaining various staff lists from time to time;
Providing logistical support for Staff meetings, trainings, and other major events;
Providing general back up support to other Team members during their absences, as needed;
Producing documents briefing papers, reports, spread sheets and presentations and assist where applicable with the programming of operational activities.

Resources Management:
Manage systems, create and process expense reports in SAP;
Assist the management in issues concerning resources such as the administrative budget, monitor and review expenses and bring issues to the attention of management;
Participate in the preparation of the annual and mid-year budget review by inputting data and the monitoring thereof
Supports in the organization and coordination of meetings within the vice-presidency, across the Bank and with external clients and partners;
Serve as an information resource on status of products and draft a variety of correspondences.

Analytical Work:
Support in reviewing the quality of documentation for the Division/Department and making recommendations for improvement of style, presentation and analysis.
Keeps a— of status and progress on Divisions/Department commitments vis-a-vis internal and external clients; propose Key Process Indicators and ways to monitor progress towards theft attainment;
Assist DMs in his/her interaction with internal and external auditors to carry out periodic audit reviews of internal controls on the data administrative portfolio and implement measure to strengthen internal controls where weaknesses are identified and ensure that agreed changes have been fully implemented
Assist in preparing communication and presentation documents through drafting elaborate memos, spreadsheets, presentations and conduct first-level analyses regarding PIFD initiatives.
Undertake ad hoc inquiries in standard and non-standard databases, retrieve, manipulate and present data and prepare presentation materials;
Suggest ways to enhance work organization and effectiveness.
Problem Solving:

Respond to enquiries from the Bank Executives; liaise with clients and other staff; coordinate with other members of management and partners; work with other secretaries and groups in different locations;
Carry out background research in field of competence and present in a logical manner;
Perform any other duties reasonably requested by management.


Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent degree in Business Administration, Management, Finance, Economics or other relevant fields.
Minimum of five (5) years of relevant professional experience in the formulation and implementation of programs and projects, financial and economic analysis of infrastructure projects and programs; proven competence and leadership in all phases of sector analyses, project and program preparation, appraisal and implementation.


Communication and Intercultural Sensitivity
Team work
Client Orientation
Interpersonal skills
Technical Competencies
Experience in Financial management:

Ability to understand tasks given by the director
Ability to provide effective support to Division Managers and task manager
Ability to insert inputs on Projects issue related to SAP
Internal Consulting & Coaching:

Ability to assist Division Managers to solve related problems and enquiries through clear interpretation of policies.
Ability to assure that Task Managers expectations are met through timely responses and resolution of issues.
Project monitoring:

The Operation assistant will Assist effectively that project deliverables are transitioned into day-to-day practices.
Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other.
Competence in the use of standard MS office applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint), Knowledge of SAP and internal software such as BPPS, MARS etc


Reference: ADB/17/528/2
Location: Mozambique
Grade: PL3, PL4, PL5
Position N°: 50001061 / 50000757 / 50001164

The Chief Economist/Vice-President for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management is the Bank’s spokesperson on economic matters and the Vice-President for the ‘Economics Governance and Knowledge Management Complex’.
The Complex is responsible for (i) providing leadership and visibility for the Bank on economic, finance, financial governance and socio economic development issues; and coordinate the generation of analytical works to inform operational policy; (ii) systematically emphasize the critical role of knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and their tangible impact on sustainable, inclusive transformation of African economies.


The Country Economist will focus on macroeconomic work to deepen country knowledge, preparation of Economic Sector Works and coordination of the preparation of Country Strategy Papers and other relevant documents (mid-term review, completion report, etc.).

Under the supervision and guidance of the Chief Economist/Vice-President for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management , the Country Economist will:

Analyse the economic and financial situations of assigned Regional Member Countries, using internal and external information sources, and determine the implications for the programming and updating of Bank Group operations such as defined in the Country Strategy Paper.
Examine the impact of Bank Group operations, in the countries concerned, of regional economic integration programmes and make recommendations on the role of the Bank Group in assisting regional integration initiatives.
Undertake assigned Economic and Sector Work, focusing mainly on issues of governance profiling, and papers on relevant economic and financial issues in the development process.
Identify, prepare, evaluate and monitor the implementation of macroeconomic programmes.
Coordinate the preparation of Country Strategy Papers, based on the Regional Member Countries’ Poverty Reduction Strategies and/or the Governments’ Development Agendas.
Maintain effective communication with the sector departments and other relevant units in the Bank to ensure a coordinated approach in the implementation of the Bank’s Strategy and lending operations in assigned countries.
Participate in Country Portfolio Reviews.
Participate in the preparation and monitor implementation of measures under budget support loans Participate in aid coordination activities with bilateral and multilateral donors, with emphasis on promoting the co-financing of projects and programmes.
Participate in the preparation of the department’s budget, the annual and triennial lending programmes and briefs on economic reform and institutional support programmes.
Develop and build client relations at levels and plays a promotional role in generating new business for the Bank.
Provide mentoring to junior economists.

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

  • Hold at least a Master’s degree or its equivalent in Economics and other relevant fields and related disciplines;
  • Knowledge of the Portuguese language is a requirement for this position
  • Have a minimum of six (6) years of relevant experience in an International Organization, working on African Development
  • Issues and country strategy papers preparation;
  • Good grasp of the developing countries issues, and solid experience in macroeconomic management issues and the economics of development.
  • Solid technical and quantitative skills as an applied development macroeconomist.
  • Very good knowledge of portfolio management and demonstrated knowledge of economics and analytical skills
  • Strong experience in policy dialogue, as well as fragility assessment knowledge and skills.
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills and ability to deliver results on time.
  • Problem solving capabilities coupled to innovation skills and change management.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French or English, with a good working knowledge of the other language.
  • Competence in the use of standard Microsoft Office Suite applications.
  • Knowledge of the Portuguese language is a requirement for this position

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