Vacancies at The International Vocational, Technical and Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC), Friday 23, March 2018


Vacancies at The International Vocational, Technical and Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC), Friday 23, March 2018 – The International Vocational, Technical and Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC) is a beneficent non-administrative instructive organization with a dream to advance comprehensive human capital improvement inside the setting of developing national (Nigerian) needs and worldwide aggressiveness.

IVTEC is a spearheading specialized and professional instruction display started by the Kwara State Government (KWSG). KWSG furnished the underlying financing and banded together with incredibly famous City and Guilds International for the plan and development of grounds offices, securing of preparing gear and general managerial structure.

As a NGO, the authoritative and money related structure of IVTEC takes into account a variety of organizations and coordinated efforts with people, business and industry from inside and outside Nigeria to guarantee its future budgetary supportability.

Therefore, the IVTEC is looking for people with phenomenal devotion who are high-accomplishing, exceptionally unique and inventive with demonstrated target driven introduction to fill the under-recorded position underneath:


Location: Ajase-Ipo, Kwara
Reporting To: The Rector


The Dir. Of Business Development is a key member of the senior staff of IVTEC working directly with the Rector and expected to be well experienced in functional areas that include External Relations, Academic and Outreach Communications, and business development.

He/She will lead a diverse collaborative team that will design and implement a comprehensive and integrated communications and business development strategy focused on advancement, and collaborative partnerships with industry, business and educational institutions in order to raise the profile and impact of the college.


  • The Director of External Relations is expected to develop a robust portfolio in the following areas: o Industry collaborations and partnerships. o Consultation and inputs on manpower demand and curriculum development. o Sponsorships and collaborations for IVTEC Training Department.
  • Articulation and Joint-Certification Programmes.
  • Technology transfer, hardware, training equipment, software and programme/event sponsorships.
  • Industry attachment and internship programmes for trainees.
  • Scholarship, business donations and financial assistance for students. o Consultancy and customised training programmes.
  • Plans, organizes, and conducts simple and complex campaigns supporting students, academic departments and other college initiatives.
  • Directs multi-channel communications to assure consistent unified messaging across platforms and affiliates.
  • Acts as the college’s spokesperson on the instructions of the Rector and Senior Management.
  • Manages a personal portfolio of major partnership and collaboration prospects
  • Provides advice to the Rector and Senior Management on public relations and communication issues within and outside the college
  • o Ensuring the production and distribution of high quality and informative brochures, publications, press reviews, audio-visual as well as electronic documents for the media and public to enhance the College’s image, and maintaining good and close working relations with all key media companies.
  • Preparing and disseminating press releases, as well as organizing and conducting press conferences and seminars on behalf of the Rector to present the college’s activities in a well-articulated manner.
  • Journalism, or a related field.
  • Membership with appropriate bodies will be an advantage


    Minimum of a master’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations
    Years in Career: 7-10

A comprehensive working knowledge of internal and external public relations and communications programs for an educational organization (preferably a vocational institute) will be a distinct advantage.
High business acumen in the Nigerian Manufacturing, Industrial and business Environment.


  • Must be a team builder with astute creativity and high acumen in business development.
  • Must have the ability to be not only a player and coach in leading and owning all development efforts, but also a partner in identifying and seizing opportunities that benefit IVTEC and enables continued success.
  • Knowledge and experience with computer programs that support the Business Development Department, including Microsoft Office programs.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to build, foster, and maintain relationships with both internal and external constituencies, including senior management, training department, trustees, students, partners, affiliates and prospects.
  • Proven self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, motivator, strategic thinker, and innovator with the ability to set priorities.
  • Strong work ethic, evidence of good judgment, attention to details, and demonstrable personal integrity with a sense of humor when necessary.
  • Superior communication skills to express, orally and in writing, requests for partnerships and collaboration with clarity, passion, and persuasion.
  • Willingness and ability to travel for business meetings and to work non-traditional hours.
  • Knowledge of the media and TVET and possess the ability to work well with representatives from different sectors of the industry.
  • Understanding of and experience with various media software tools.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to travel independently for business purposes as required.
  • Understand the importance of actively seeking input from senior management when developing and shaping business development ideas and strategies. And, will have the confidence and ability to bring ideas and strategies to fruition.
  • Ability to publicize the positive news about college achievement and programs, and to develop a coordinated proactive, rather than reactive, approach that anticipates problems before they develop.


Location: Ajase-Ipo, Kwara
Reporting To: The Rector


The Bursar is the Chief Finance Officer and is responsible for the financial management and operations of the College.
Portfolio responsibility includes statutory and management reporting and systems, financial accounting, budgeting, treasury, procurement and accounts payable, assets, revenue, and tax.

The Chief Financial Officer is a member of the College Executive and responsible to the Rector for the day-to-day administration, control of the financial affairs of the College and generation of resources for the implementation and sustenance of the College strategic goals.
S/He shall develop and operate the College budget and providing the College with data necessary for informed financial decisions.


  • Providing strategic financial management for the College and its controlled entities.
  • Ensuring financial sustainability of the College.
  • Providing central services for accounts payable and receivable, tax, systems and procedures, management and financial accounting, business modelling, budgeting and planning, and treasury.
  • Manages and administers the College’s strategic resource planning system and electronic billing system in preparation for billing of students.
  • Preparing annual estimate of income and expenditure.
  • Monitoring of income and expenditure in relation to budget and presenting report to the Rector.
  • Keeping the accounts of the College and preparing statement of financial activities and balance sheets.
  • Maintaining cash flow project for the current and future years.
  • Advising on financial investment of the College administering pension scheme for academic and non-academic staff.
  • Scrutinizing and passing for payment all invoices.
  • Organizing special appeals for capital project and endowment funds.
  • Keeps analysis of cost and other statistical records.
  • Advises on taxation methods.
  • Coordinates the integration of the College’s resource planning system into electronic billing process of all student financial assistance programs including Federal, State and Institutional assistances.
  • Coordinates tuition payment plans for parents and students.
  • Maintains records and on-line computer system for students accounts.
  • Supervises the cash management process in the collection of all revenue including receipt and deposit.
  • Maintains accurate records of cash receipts which include currency, checks, money orders and credit card transactions.
  • Refunds payments due to student withdrawals, overpayment or academic dismissal.
  • Supervises the collection efforts for all past due College charges and assignment of receivables to contracted collection agency.
  • Complies with government regulations regarding delinquent and uncollectible accounts.
  • Refers seriously delinquent accounts to collection agency.
  • Establishes repayment plans for borrowers and transmits accounts receivable information through services of a contracted computer billing operation.
  • Establishes policies and procedures to ensure positive, effective and open relationships with all clients of the Bursar Office including students, parents, faculty and administrators.
  • Develops and maintains the budget for the Financial Department, including all personnel, equipment and supplies.
  • Supervises full-time and part-time professional staff and full-time support staff of the department.


  • Qualification: B.Sc./M.Sc Accounting/Financial management; ICAN/ACCA is compulsory.
  • Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Accounting, Economics, Financial Management or other related discipline from recognized tertiary institutions,
  • Be a member of professionally recognized Accounting body and must possess professional qualifications such as: ICAN, CMA, CPA, ACCA, ANAN.
  • Years in Career: 7-10

Other Qualifications:

  • Be a member of professionally recognized Accounting body, and must possess professional qualifications such as ICAN, CMA, CPA, ACCA, ANAN
  • Familiarity with the Nigerian tax codes and pension schemes.


  • Strong attention to details.
  • Ability to identify issues foresee, risks and allows, formulate opinions, make conclusions and recommendations for the College.
  • Ability to check assumptions against facts and make tough decisions when necessary.
  • Ability to develop linkages with external communities to support the needs of the College.
  • Must be a person of vision, proven professional distinction, management ability, integrity and transparency in private and public life.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of software related to financial management such as Sage, AccountEdge, SAP and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Experience in the management of student financial services in a higher institution of learning and knowledge of automated student record in a complex resource planning system and financial accounting systems.


Location: Ajase-Ipo, Kwara
Reporting To: The Registrar

The facility manager will be responsible for improving performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability through the implementation of effective methods and strategies.


  • Ensuring full operation and maintenance of college buildings, furniture, equipment, power station, Utilities and all college Assets.
  • Work with all heads of department, informing them of any event that may happen occur in the College as regards individual sections.
  • Oversee the daily maintenance of the College environment for the wellbeing of staff and students.
  • Improve best practices that guarantee well-being of the College, Purchase materials, plan inventory and ensure warehouse efficiency.
  • Carry out other relevant duties as may be required by the Director of operations and Head of Departments.
  • Ensure preventive and corrective maintenance of all College Vehicles and machines.
  • Ensure continuous Quality improvement, safety and adherence to Operations procedure and program.
  • Train, Coordinate, supervise and appraise operations staff.

B.Sc/M.Sc degree in Facility Management or related field.
Years in Career: Minimum of 6 years


  • Fluency in written and spoken English required;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint);
  • High level of digital literacy;
  • Proven work experience as a facility manager; and
  • Proven ability to work under pressure, ensure coherence and consistency, independently, and meet deadlines consistently.

APPLICATION METHOD FOR Vacancies at The International Vocational, Technical and Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC), Friday 23, March 2018
Applicants should submit the following documents below by email to: [email protected]

Letter of interest
Updated CV’s
Three reference letters from individuals familiar with your professional background.

DEADLINE: 16 April, 2018

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