Vacancies at Helen Keller International (HKI), Monday 9, April 2018


Vacancies at Helen Keller International (HKI), Monday 9, April 2018 – Built up in 1915, Helen Keller International (HKI) attempts to spare the sight and lives of the most defenseless and impeded. We battle the causes and results of visual deficiency and ailing health by building up programs in light of confirmation and research in vision, wellbeing and sustenance.

Headquartered in New York City, HKI as of now leads programs in 22 nations in Africa and Asia and additionally in the United States.


The Chief of Party is responsible for the overall success of the NTD project in Nigeria.  This includes strategic planning, coordination and reporting. He/she is responsible for achieving required project results through effective project planning and management, administration and oversight, monitoring and evaluation, progress and financial reporting, and donor relationship management. The Chief of Party will provide senior technical and managerial leadership and oversight on all aspects of the NTD project activities.
The Chief of Party will work closely with the NTD department at the MOH to ensure strong client relations and with other NTD partners for coordination of NTD activities in the country. The Chief of Party is also responsible for ensuring the timely completion of activities within budget.

Project leadership and management
Lead the project team to ensure the development and implementation of program work plans and strategies aligned with USAID and Government of Nigeria priorities.
Ensure collaboration with counterparts and partner organizations in work planning and project implementation.
Serve in a catalytic role in promoting the Government of Nigeria’s ability to identify and mobilize increased domestic financial and human resources for NTDs.

Project management and implementation
Supervise and oversee project staff and consultants and ensure high-quality and timely deliverables.
Ensure the alignment of daily activities with project goals, approved work plans and standards for high quality, within-budget, and on-time product delivery.
Create and implement budgets based on sound financial and accounting principles, approve expenditure of funds according to approved budgets and project needs, and see that staff are recruited and managed in accordance with local, USAID and HKI requirements.
Maintain regular communication with the relevant NTDs stakeholders, HKI and USAID/Nigeria, and resolve problems as they arise.
In collaboration with project finance and accounting staff and HKI/Nigeria Country Operations, implement NTD management systems to administer all project activities.
Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

In collaboration with the NTD M&E Advisor and technical team, ensure the development and ongoing use and reporting against a project monitoring and evaluation plan, including indicators linked to results, that meets all HKI, and USAID reporting requirements.
Meet all local financial obligations, monitor and track expenditures, and prepare regular financial reports for submission to HKI Headquarters/Region and USAID.
In collaboration with the NTD M&E Advisor, oversee documentation of results and lessons learned from this project and the dissemination of this information within, and beyond, the Project and USAID/Nigeria.
Relationship management

Serve as Project liaison to USAID/Nigeria, Nigeria government agencies and other collaborating agencies.
Respond promptly to USAID and other key stakeholder inquiries and concerns.
Maintain good working relationships with partners.

Master’s Degree in public health or other relevant discipline and at least 10 years’ progressive experience implementing and leading technical and program activities for donor-funded health programs (at national and regional levels). Experience with NTDs or other infectious diseases preferred.
Past experience working with USAID preferred.
Understanding of USAID policies and guidelines.
Experience in all aspects of program management: conceiving, planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating.
Excellent communication, supervisory and interpersonal skills, demonstrated leadership, management, and the ability to work collaboratively across multiple disciplines.
Demonstrated experience analyzing quantitative and qualitative data along with knowledge of reporting procedures, best practices, guidelines and M&E tools.
Willingness to travel within Nigeria frequently and ability to travel internationally.


The success of the NTD project depends largely on accurate, complete and timely reporting of achievements to USAID. Achievement of set targets is of utmost importance. Hence, the objective of the NTD M&E Advisor position is to provide technical leadership in the operationalization of the project Performance Measurement Plan (PMP) integrated with NTD institutional and other systems; so as to generate strategic data for program management, reporting and documentation of best practices. In addition, the NTD M&E Advisor will be responsible for leading the design and implementation of the program monitoring and evaluation framework and information system to track delivery against targets, outcomes and impacts. S/he shall lead the analysis of data collected for assessment of progress and determination of areas of improvement. S/he shall guide reporting processes amongst technical staff and consolidate program reports, promote learning and knowledge sharing of best practices and lessons learnt. S/he shall support all the technical staff in M&E functions and shall manage M&E related staff in the program.


General Responsibilities
Provide oversight and M&E support to the NTD project as needed.
Support the process of documenting and reporting the NTD project achievements in Nigeria

Management Responsibilities
Spearhead the strategic design and implementation of the NTD project’s PMP in line with USAID and national reporting requirements
Member of the NTD Project’s Management Team that is responsible for overall project performance
Work independently with authority from the COP, within strategy and policy guidelines.
Makes decisions with regards to work responsibilities and is accountable for them.
Has access to information within project, and is responsible for program data generation and management of budget and all assets in the M&E unit.


Establish systems for the flow of information from service-delivery points to the project central data base and ensure timely M&E technical support to all implementing health facilities/partners. As well as conduct periodic data quality audits.
Ensure NTD project’s PMP provides adequate data for USAID and other donors reporting; and provides inputs into other national and international reporting systems.
Build the capacity of NTD project staff in the design and implementation of a coordinated and effective monitoring and evaluation system.
Ensure state-of-the art database management practice at HKI
Analyze M&E data on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis and flag action areas to the project management.
Link and analyze resource inputs, outputs and outcomes and report on project effectiveness and efficiency.
Work with NTD project/HKI management to document and publish best practices.
Liaise and network with relevant NTD project partners and collaborators to harmonize our reporting systems.
Provide clear documentation of programmatic achievements and keep HKI senior management informed on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
Coordinate writing of reports and take responsibility for compilation of project report to the donor and partners.
Ensure that relevant databases are up to date
Develop a strong monitoring & evaluation plan consistent with the USAID results framework.
Contribute to budget development in line with approved work-plans and assist to conduct periodical reviews of both M & E components of the program and budgets when the need arises.
Design and manage data quality assessments performed for HKI NTD programs to ensure high quality data collection, storage and reporting.

Plan and facilitate various periodic M & E meetings
Plan and organize routine data quality audits, and serve as a catalyst to enhance systems that bridge data collection with analysis and data-driven decision making and planning.


Master Degree in Medicine, Statistics, Epidemiology, Public Health, Demography or related field with focus on monitoring and evaluation and/or Biostatistics.
At least 10 years of experience in designing and implementing Monitoring and Evaluation activities for Public Health.
Must have an in-depth knowledge and experience in USG/PEPFAR reporting requirements.
Extraordinary verbal and written communication skills to manage project communications and disseminate project information are required.
Strong written and oral presentation skills in English.
Extensive experience with monitoring and evaluating NTD programs in Nigeria


The Technical Advisor (TA) is responsible for providing NTD technical support to the Chief of Party and will function as an integral member of the NTD Unit.  The TA will work closely with the Chief of Party to support and ensure effective management of the NTD Program, including collaboration with the MOH, donors and partners as appropriate.  The TA will provide technical assistance for implementation of integrated NTD activities, including strategic program, work planning, and stakeholder coordination to support the achievement of national goals of LF, onchocerciasis, and trachoma elimination and control of soil-transmitted helminths and schistosomiasis.


Provide technical assistance and support capacity building of NTD project focal persons;
Participate in the development of annual work plans, budgets, and forecasting of NTD drugs, diagnostics and supplies;
Support the timely implementation, integration and smooth operation of NTD master plan activities, ensuring they are implemented in accordance with work plan and budget;
Build partnerships for planning and resource mobilization for NTD program implementation by serving as a support liaison between the NTD Unit, program partners, and national and international donors and organizations; facilitate NTD meetings and events;
Remain informed of new knowledge, information and technology relevant to NTDs as well as WHO NTD guidelines; Participate in the development and continual refinement of national NTD training materials and guidelines;
Support the M&E NTD Advisor in the management of database and participate in routine data management and analysis;
Support program monitoring and evaluation, disease mapping, and routine program surveys in collaboration with the COP, Ministry of Health and other stakeholders;
Participate in the preparation and organization of regional and sub-regional training activities, and follow up assessment of trainees and facilitators to ensure quality of training and performance;
Travel to key zones and districts for supportive supervision and other technical assistance;
Perform other related duties as assigned.


Master’s Degree in public health or other relevant discipline and at least 10 years’ progressive experience implementing and leading technical and program activities for donor-funded health programs. Experience with NTDs or other infectious diseases required
Experience in implementing NTD programs in Nigeria
Past experience working with USAID projects preferred. Understanding of USAID policies and guidelines.
Experience in all aspects of program management: conceiving, planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating.
Excellent communication, supervisory and interpersonal skills, demonstrated leadership, management, and the ability to work collaboratively across multiple disciplines.
Demonstrated experience managing and analyzing NTD data along with knowledge of reporting procedures, best practices, guidelines, and tools for M&E.
Willingness to travel within Nigeria frequently and ability to travel internationally.
Strong organizational and interpersonal skills and ability to work in a  team- oriented setting
Strong English oral and written communication and presentation skills


The Project Finance Officer is responsible for assisting the Chief of Party with safeguarding the assets (financial and physical) of HKI and ultimately the U.S. Government against fraud, loss or misuse. The Project Finance Officer is responsible for ensuring that any funds expended for the project is done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, HKI policies and USAID cost principles.  He or she assures that all costs are reasonable and necessary for the completion of the project project’s and HKI’s mission. The Project Finance Officer is aware of, and adheres to, HKI’s procurement integrity standards in all activities. The Project Finance Officer will be responsible for ensuring that the accounting unit functions efficiently in all financial matters, directly supervising other finance staff and providing oversight to all project accounting management issues.

Specific Responsibilities:
Understand and articulate the basic tenets of internal control and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to other staff members.
Train project staff in proper financial record keeping procedures and procurement integrity.
Support the process of ongoing improvement of financial systems and internal controls.
Implement standard HKI procedures to manage and monitor the financial resources of the project office.  This includes: ensuring that all payments comply with HKI rules and regulations and are supported by adequate documentation
Learn and apply basic USAID Cost and Audit Principles.
Enter transactions in accounting system, assuring detailed memos, proper charge codes, account codes and job tracking.
Process claims for staff and consultants.
Assure that all expenses paid at field activities is properly managed, documented and follows project policy.
Manage advances to staff, assuring proper documentation and timely clearing of all advances.
Create journal entries, assuring all entries are properly coded, charged to the proper account codes and jobs.
Supervise management of petty cash, assuring all purchases are properly documented, approved and comply with petty cash management policy.
Work in close collaboration with the COP to prepare and monitor project budgets and pipeline expenditures.
Estimate upcoming cash needs and accrue expenditures as appropriate.
Reconcile bank accounts and prepare field expenses.
Create and interpret standard financial reports (balance sheet, income statement. cash flow).
Create weekly and monthly specialized reports for the COP, Program Managers and Country Director
Establish internal systems for purchase approval and asset use that ensure adequate internal control. Ensure that all paid invoices agree with supporting documentation, including price quotes, purchase orders and shipping receipts.
Ensure that all costs have adequate prior authorization and approval.
Ensure audit compliance utilizing principles of audit and performance.
Maintain current standing with all mandated tax and registrations, including submission of payments and required reports.
Provide an audit interface between HKI external audit and donor auditors.
Prepare reports for USAID or other donor missions or agencies as required.
Train, manage, supervise and support accounting office staff.


University degree in Accounting or Business Management, or equivalent certification from a Business Technical School
Minimum 10 years’ experience as an Accountant or Finance Manager.
Experience with USAID funded projects.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs, especially Excel spreadsheets.
Ability to use accounting software (i.e. Quickbooks).
Demonstrate good judgment and sound financial “common sense”.
Ability to create and monitor budgets. Understanding of the basic tenets of cash control, asset management and bank reconciliation.
Understands the principals of adequate documentation and of audit, and performance necessary to ensure audit compliance.
Advanced written and verbal proficiency in English including business terminology.


We are requesting for interested candidates to apply by sending their application along with a suitability statement to [email protected]

Please note that this position is contigent upon availability of funding

Helen Keller International is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled

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