Unix Support Officer Vacancy at Growth in Value Alliance (GV Alliance) Partners, Tuesday 12, June 2018


Unix Support Officer Vacancy at Growth in Value Alliance (GV Alliance) Partners, Tuesday 12, June 2018 – Growth in Value Alliance (GV Alliance) Partners – Our customer, a Large Bank, Lagos, is enlisting appropriately qualified contender to fill the situation beneath:


To manage the Bank’s database to ensure optimal uptime and system integrity which delivers support to the business strategy of the Bank that is achieved through Information Technology.
The Job Profile indicates that the job holder should be capable of collecting information and imparting it to others. The job occupant whilst being adaptable by nature will need to ensure strict conformity with rules, systems and protocol. The area of work is likely to have some administrative, spe…t or technical aspects and the person fulfilling the role should have the persistence to see a job through to conclusion. The incumbent should be dependable, loyal, a good listener and enjoy working in a logical and systematic manner. Standard operating procedures are important aspects of this role and as such, it will require an individual who is organized, structured, self-controlled and capable of communicating facts within the required area of knowledge and expertise.
The person fulfilling this role should be consistent in approach, analytical, sensitive, precise and compliant. The environment wherever possible should be free of confrontation and the person occupying the role should be non-aggressive by nature.

Ensure 100% availability and effective usability of the database by end users concurrently.
Responsible for non-corruption, performance, integrity and the security of the database.
Ensure strict compliance to Back-up and recovery procedure to ensure data is available at all times.
Deliver adequate support to application development teams on server/storage requirements.
Make recommendations and carry out necessary tests when there is need to commission/ install new applications as well as customizing/tuning existing applications in order to make them fit for purpose.

Database Administration.
Knowledge of Oracle and MS SQL.
Application Support.
IBM/AIX Websphere.
Knowledge of troubleshooting hardware and operational systems.
Knowledge of relevant policies and regulations.
Research Orientation.
Data / Information Management.
Stakeholder Management.
Data / Information Management.
Business Presentation Skills.
Customer focus.
Vendor management

Non Core:
Project Management.

First Degree in numerate/ Physical Science or Engineering.

2+ years’ cognate experience.
Good working knowledge of Windows, Unix operating systems. Knowledge of Oracle and MS SQL database administration.
Knowledge of IBM/AIX websphere.

The behavioral competency for the job includes the ability to:
Remain rational when dealing with others, work within organizational requirements, be systematic and factual when dealing with colleagues, and handle conflict adopting a logical and unemotional approach until a solution becomes achievable.
Introduce monitoring systems that identify whether individuals or the organization are achieving their objectives, as well as any variances in terms of goals and timescales. Ensure that corrective action plans are formulated and implemented.
Work within a technical or spe…t area of expertise in order to continuously improve the quality of the service and/or product provided.
Evaluate situations, calculate and reduce risk, justify and defend accuracy, give reasons for views and generally provide shrewd judgment in any situation.
Be persistent in problem solving, seeking solutions through the expertise of both self and others. Research all the facts with care and resolving problems in a timely and thorough manner.
Remain self-controlled when opposed and people become uncooperative or aggressive, be prepared to listen to what others say and feel, deal with conflict in an accommodating manner and use practicality as a method for reaching a solution.
Be confident when dealing with uncooperative people and encourage them to implement imaginative solutions to challenging problems.
Encourage people to communicate effectively and, through example and expertise, create participative attitudes.
Seek direction and authority from others when and if appropriate, and achieve set goals in a non-assertive and efficient manner.

Applicants should send their updated CV’s in MS Word format to: [email protected] and reference [email protected] with “Unix Support Officer” as the subject of email.

DEADLINE: 14 June, 2018

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