Top 9 Bootstrapping Tips To Scale Your Startup (2020)


Top 9 Bootstrapping Tips To Scale Your Startup (2019)Top 9 Bootstrapping Tips To Scale Your Startup (2020) – Scaling a startup or any business isn’t as hard as it sounds if you know what to do.

I believe in the power of little things, small tweaks and consistency can go a long way, you wouldn’t even notice how much you’ve done until you see tremendous results.

So here are the top 9 bootstrapping tips to scale your startup

Create Value

This should be the first thing you check.

No one wants to spend money on something that would create no value.

Consumers are careful with the way they spend because of more opportunities available to them.

They wouldn’t mind if it’s expensive, as long as it creates value for their money.

Every startup that wants to scale should have this as first priority.


The primary reason people go to events is to network and not to listen to what the speakers have to say, what they learn from the speakers is just an added advantage.

You will meet a lot of like-minded people that are either into what you’re doing or know somebody that is.

There is always an event going on in your area, no matter how small the crowd is, make time to attend, you never know who you might run into.

There is also LinkedIn and other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Make connections with people in your field, don’t just add them and sit there.

Strike up a conversation, follow their activities on the network, share, like or comment on what they post, make them notice you.

Don’t be a stalker while doing it.

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Marketing should start from day one

From the day you decide to start working on your startup, you should also be working on marketing strategies.

If you don’t market it, your disruptive product won’t see the light of the day.

Create a waiting list while working on the product so that as soon as you launch you will have a lot of people ready to use it.

If you can reach any writer in your space to write about your startup, that’s also a great move.

Don’t wait for Tech Crunch or Mashable to cover your startup, a small blog that has little and loyal readers could also go a long way.

Remember the power of little things.

Content marketing

Every business should have a blog.

It’s part of your marketing strategy.

You should start blogging before you launch.

Write about what you’re doing, how far you are to an MVP, problems or roadblocks on the way, build hype, a lot of it.

After launch, keep writing, blog as much as possible.

You can start from here to get a deep understanding of content marketing.

You can also guest-post on other places that have your target audience.

By doing this, you’re branding your company and yourself at the same time.

All hands on deck

Bootstrapping isn’t all about spending less cash, it’s maximizing available resources with the main goal of scaling.

Your team should be everything, they should be salesmen, errand boy, customer rep, brand ambassador, they should sleep, eat, dream and talk about the startup.

If you buy a shoe from Zappos and you have a complaint, the whole employee will be all over you to solve your problem, they don’t necessarily need to be from the customer care department.

Intel does the same thing too, they urge their employees to talk about their micro niche.

Customers will be more attached to a company if they know the people behind the scenes.

For example, I have an obsession for super luxury sport cars, the likes of Koenigsegg and Pagani.

When I watch how these cars are made on Mega Factories, I see the engineers talking about how each piece is made, how much passion they have for the car and how they hand-craft each piece and put everything together.

The passion in their voice gives me goose bumps.

I’m not a customer now because I can’t afford one, but I’m definitely a potential customer.

Social Media

Your startup should have a social presence, not just a few hundred likes but as many thousands as you can get and keep increasing, concentrating on your target niche.

Different social media have different audience, know your audience and know where to have more engagement.

Also know the context should always be different. The way you post on Facebook shouldn’t be the same with Twitter, Vine or Instagram.

Watch how customers/users are responding to the product

It’s all in the numbers. Analytics, metrics, numbers, they all matter.

I check my analytics report twice a day, everyday.

The need for Data Scientists is increasing everyday because companies understand the value of using every little data to understand their customers.

Listen to complaints, understand their needs at all cost.

It’s one of the ways to keep your customers and bring in more.

Get Creative

There is a thousand ways to get something done.

I can imagine since you have a startup, you have some level of genius in you.

Find a way to get creative in everything you do, come up with your own ways to achieve a goal.

Keep burning

After doing all the above, hustle, sell, sell, sell.

Go back to the beginning, rinse and repeat.

Don’t stop till you’ve closed all leads. I hope you enjoyed our top 9 bootstrapping tips to scale your startup?

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