Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria and Their Worth (2018)


Nigeria happens to be one of the most talented and blessed nations when the pages of music are flipped wide open.

At least we still hold firmly that prestigious acclaim “The Giants of Africa” in that regard.

At every sunrise, fresh artists are being birthed across the country and at every dusk, lots of artist smile at the achievements that their hardwork have yielded, coupled with bank alerts as personal honorarium.

Music pays big time in Nigeria.

Without a cubicle for argument, the country is the entertainment hub of Africa and boasts of a plethora of music artists who rakes in millions of dollars, who have shone bright like shooting stars in international platforms and some are as rich as a country (small ones though).

Before the list below, the following should be noted.

The net worth of this music stars isn’t static, it’s wave-like, alternating up and down as the clock ticks, so this list is subject to annotations and editing.

The yardsticks employed in this rich list measurement includes but not limited to; Endorsement deals, royalties, performance fees, YouTube rewards, label imprint ownership and collaboration profits.

This list won’t plunge deep into their biographies, it will be summarized in brevity, if you want their full biographies you can check them on our site.

Their net worth are estimated and not really the actual value as most artists if not all, have reservations when it comes to divulging accurate financial details about their private lives.

The estimates are sourced from the yardsticks mentioned in number 2 of these things you’re to take note of.

And just in case you are confused about the idea of Net worth, see this; it really has little to do with any bank statement or account balance.

It’s how much an individual is worth, after a detailed compilation of that individual’s assets and sources of income over a particular period of time, which is why it’s never the same, because some might get hit by one ugly financial misfortune which will shortchange their worth, while some might get more serious with their investment plan an up their game.

Below are the list:


(Photo: Wizkid)

The stories of grass to grace is never complete till this young talented artists name is listed.

From a traditional indigent  polygamus family, Wizkid rose to become an international star by becoming hangers-on with Banky W, the boss of EME records who harnessed his potential and valorized his prodigy.

You see, whenever chickens become too big, the shell becomes a threat to their existence and so they hatch out and free themselves.

That could be said for “Star Boy Wizkid”.

For obvious reasons, he hatched out of EME records to lead an independent prodigious music career with international credibility.

His magnetic songs has earned him massive prominence, precipitating a very steep demand for his services across Africa.

His songs have topped music charts for umpteenth times, his albums sales are still raking in millions of Naira, endorsement deals have skyrocketed his figures in his bank statements and he’s not even done yet.

Star Boy’s net worth is valued at an estimated N2.9 Billion Naira.


(Photo: Davido)

Born into affluence and plenty, Davido A.k.a OBO is one of Nigeria’s richest and most talented young artist.

From the days of his newbie hit single in the industry “Dami Euro” he has continued to roll out jaw dropping singles contained in albums and shooting his popularity like fireworks up the sky.

He nevers fails to remind anyone who cares to listen that his Dad is strikingly rich and he’s a proud owner of N30billion Naira.

A claim which is yet to be verified and cannot be taken into account as his net worth because we presume a huge chunk of that megabucks is linked to his rich roots.

From the stand point of music popularity, endorsement deals, YouTube incomes and royalties, Davido’s net worth is valued at N3.2 Billion Naira

Peter and Paul Okoye (Formerly PSquare)

(Photo: PSquare)

Yea right, they are splitted, Paul flew away and same did Peter too in another direction, but their individual net worth is yet to be ascertained and whichever opposite direction they happen to find themselves now, they’re still basking on the wealth the brand “PSQUARE” gave them.

It gave them the popularity and the wealth they shared and come to think of it, the duo is about the largest music sensational combo in Africa before the split, this list will loose it’s taste if their brand is missing here.

So from the low temperatures of the streets in Jos, rose the phenomenal duo in what seemed like a dance group. Musical instruments where honed and perfected, a church was involved and then voicing began.

“Bizzy Body” a hit track, served as the red carpet to their grand entry into the Nigerian music industry.

They never stopped at that, more electrifying singles were released by them, sending the nation into fits of wild ecstasy.

Then came the awards, the endorsements, the collaborations, the million youtube views and the billions.

The twins are valued at an estimated N25 Billion Naira.

Don Jazzy

(Photo: Don Jazzy)

Arguably, this belated bachelor is the richest and biggest producer in all of Africa’s share of the planet.

If owning a song to call yours was a perquisite to label someone a music artist, the Don would be found wanting here, he has however featured in a myriad of songs, most of which were recorded and produced by him under his label.

It’s a taboo to even forget that the likes of D’banj, wande coal, D’prince, Dr. Sid all rose to stardom and wealth through “Mohits record” a record label he co-founded with D’banj.

The label however, is now history and “Mavins” is his new imprint with music stars like Tiwa Savage, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and others signed unto it.

The kind of money he rakes up from the “The Mavins” alone is eye popping.

Don Jazzy’s net worth stands at N14 Billion Naira


d banj
(Photo: D’Banj)

The Koko master as he is popularly known, is one of Nigeria’s biggest music exports.

From the UK he allied with Don Jazzy, and on their return back to Nigeria, they floated the “Mohits Records” which will later emerge as the most prodigious label in the country.

The fame he got from mohits was enough to sustain him after the group was disbanded.

His solo career rose along with the sun and he became Nigeria’s music gem when he performed at the closing ceremony of the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

You’re not the only one who thinks the Koko master felt “On top of the world” when he performed at the soccer city stadium in South Africa.

His “Oliver Twist” hit single was well famous for having the highest number of views ever for a Nigerian song.

With crazy stage performances worth millions of Nigeria, coupled with lots of endorsement deals amongst others, D’banj’s net worth is valued at an estimated  N11 Billion Naira

Tu Baba

tu baba
(Photo: Tu Baba)

Innocent idibia A.K.A Tu face and now Tu Baba is the father of hip hop music in Nigeria.

He’s a  role model and mentor to many young arts rising up across the country.

He’s highly revered among other artists in the industry.

He’s the bosses boss when it comes to music in Nigeria.

Once upon a time, three friends formed a music group and called it “Plantashun Boys”.

They did a lot of great songs together, but there was a split, everyone went solo on the group, leading individual music careers. But one became phenomenal and colossal.

He was Tu Face, the “African Queen” crooner.

A song by him that sparked local and international critical acclaim.

For the while it trended, it was described as one of Africa’s best and was even featured in a Hollywood movie.

That was a stepping stone for Tu Face into the legendary status he enjoys now in the music scene.

With a compacted itinerary of events to grace, endorsement deals and investments, Nigeria’s living music legend is  with a net worth of N4.5 Billion naira


(Photo: Flavour)

It’s sheer fantastic how sticking to your cultural precepts and style while infusing it into music can grant one access to stardom and of course wealth.

This is the case of Flavour who  set his foot on the door from the backdrop of drumming and even playing anything that could ignite music pleasures.

And then things got awesome when he decided to venture into singing, singing for the most part, in his descent dialect which even gave him an identity before he went western recently.

He has done multiple collaborations with both local and international artists, won host of awards and his finances has seen an astronomical increase over the years.

His net worth stands at N2.5 Billion Naira.

Banky W

Banky W
(Photo: Banky W)

Olubankole Wellington with the stage name Banky W is a Nigerian singer who is well famous for the kind of romantic songs he dishes out.

He employs his foreign birth history (Born in the United States) into his music style and if you aren’t careful you could mistake him for a whitey.

After a family relocation from the states back to mother land, he went back again for studies and returned home for the love of green and white.

He floated the Empire Mates Entertainment record label while in school in the states and brought the brand home to sign up and breed great artists.

His love songs are epic and emotional, captivating hearts and endearing him to many.

His music videos involves some mild dance moves, suits and hats, think of Michael Jackson?  Yea, something like that.

He has made plenty of the money everyone needs through his EME records, collaborations, deals and most recently, he ventured into acting.

He’s a billionaire, thanks to music and his net worth is valued at N2.3 Billion Naira.


(Photo: Iyanya)

Popularly known for the  “Kukere” song and dance, Iyanya got his start from MTN PROJECT FAME, a music competition where he emerged winner of it’s maiden edition.

That was the vehicle he drove to success.

From humble Calabar roots, Project Fame took him to Lagos where we was well famed via his hardwork and incredible talent.

His singles are fabulous and steers up excitement in listeners which is not void of intense dancing.

Iyanya himself is a very fine dancer with his waist doing most of the dancing to the delight of his female fans.

His thrilling performance in numerous shows is a pointer to his aficionado in music.

He’s a recipient of numerous awards and ambassador for different brands.

Iyanya’s net worth is estimated at N1.9 Billion Naira.


(Photo: Olamide)

Known as “BADOO” the voice from the street.

Olamide is a singer and rapper with most of his punchlines reeled out in his native Yoruba lingua.

He has made a name for himself in the Lagos entertainment industry as the champion of the street, giving a hope to those who were once like him that hard work pays.

Steadily he drops his singles in a radical style that reflects his street roots.

He raps majorly and collaborates with other artists in a spiced up mix.

He runs his own annual show tagged “OLAMIDE LIVE IN CONCERT”.

This show shuts down the city of Lagos and is goodnews for his pockets.

Lots of performances and deals directs traffic to his income including his record label.

He has created dancing steps that have gone viral and strengthened his credibility and popularity.

For his hard work and fame, his net worth is estimated at N1.9 Billion Naira.

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