Psychologist Vacancy at Protege Management, Monday 28, May 2018


Psychologist Vacancy at Protege Management, Monday 28, May 2018 – Protege Management – Our customer in the budgetary segment, is selecting appropriate qualified contender to fill the part underneath:


Crafting and applying principles of psychology to understand company’s or team’s culture and help them achieve company’s objectives.
Give advice on stress prevention and stress management strategies, and teach the staff on handling these techniques.
Develop, implement or evaluate selection procedures, conduct psychometric tests and structured interviews.
Develop training and appraisal programs.
Provide suggestions to the management on how to motivate staff and influence them to increase their productivity and achieve company’s objectives.
Give advice on new technologies like e-learning or virtual team working.
Help the staff members to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills in them to work efficiently for the company.
Deal with stress and high pressure situations and work stress free amongst the employees.

Degree of bachelors in Psychology, with a minimum of 2:1 from renowned universities both local or international.
5+ years’ experience with license or certification.
Analytical skills. Able to examine technical information and draw logical conclusions from them.
Communication skills. Must have strong communication skills.
Observational skills. Able to watch employee and understand the possible meanings of people’s facial expressions, body positions, actions, and interactions.
Patience. Must be able to demonstrate patient when dealing with staff who have mental or behavioural disorders.
People skills. Must be able to work well with staff and other stakeholders.
Problem-solving skills. Psychologists need problem-solving skills to find treatments or solutions for mental and behavioral problems.
Trustworthiness. Must keep staff problems in confidence, and staff must be able to trust the psychologists’.

An attractive package comprising a fixed and performance productivity pay.

Applicants should send their CV’s to: [email protected]

Note: Don’t apply if your experience doesn’t align with the requirements.

DEADLINE: 8 June, 2018

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