Online Business Opportunities in Nigeria 2018


online business opportunitiesOnline Business Opportunities in Nigeria 2018 – Global trends on the internet are rapidly on a surge as the 21st century clock ticks wisely.

Life is now easier, thanks to the web for simplifying uphill tasks into pieces of cakes.

The upsurge in web trends comes along with an avalanche of money making opportunities in their diverse forms.

The Nigerian populace is not left out of the trend, it’s citizenry is involved in the online business world with both hands and feet.

The different ways or opportunities to pluck out wealth from the e-world is what this article will be exploring.

These opportunities won’t turn you rich overnight, I’ll be unfair to you if I grant you that.

It’s a process, gradual like the movement of the solar system.

With consistency you get competent and with competency, comes the cash flow.

Below are the online business opportunities you can try out in no particular order of importance.


blogging This field is very lucrative and rewarding but it’s unlikely that it will make it to the list of get rich quick schemes.

It’ll first demand your expertise and vast knowledge in a particular area of life, but in blogging it’s called niche.

Your expertise is the alpha here before everything else that will follow.

It could be that writing about fashion is your forte or you just have that knack for traveling and you’re always on the know about happenings in its confines, you can blog your knowledge out into making money for yourself.

But then I wish it was as easy as that, like;

I’m pretty good at solving tech issues

I open a blog pronto

And Viola!! I start making money

Sorry to burst your bubble, it ain’t that easy, you can consult Linda.

If you’re having issues with patience then you can skip this part unto the next.

Blogging requires patience, hard work and consistency.

Patience because there will arise a time when you have to wait on Google for months before getting an Adsense approval.

Patience because on the average, experience says you’ll need at least two years on the blogging career with consistent and notable offering to the world before the cash will start flowing out of it’s floodgates down to your bossom.

So if you lack the virtue of patience, then your blog will make to the dump yard of blogs who failed to see the light of the fourth month after incipience.

Your blog requires hard work and daily updates in order to stay relevant amongst its mass of contenders.

When you start skipping days to update, gradually you loose the will power to move ahead, your blog itself looses it’s appeal of freshness to arid dryness, and even the little audience that decided to rock your boat and keep faith with you, will just have to call it a day since nothing is coming up anymore.

So in brevity of words, you can blog and make money, but you need these; Passion or a talent for something, patience, hardwork and consistency before it can serve as a stream of income.

Youtube Monetization

youtube monetizationThe YouTube you visit often to watch videos and bask in excitement is in order.

Sure it helps you unwind, calm cranky nerves the hell down and boost your happiness level.

Unknown to many is the underlying fact that for almost every video on YouTube you click and view, you’re enriching the maker of the video.

You too can make likewise money.

You’re a drumming legend, a top notch hairstylist, an unrivaled dancer in your hood, a guru in a particular subject? It could be just about anything you’re sure people would like and want to learn.

All you need do is;

You sign up on YouTube, create a monetization channel for youself by following the procedures outlined for you.

Then you can start making those fantastic videos and uploading them on your account, the higher it gets viewed by the audience the higher you earn.

You’d be amazed at how much people have raked off YouTube through you and your colleagues in euphoria. It’s also a lucrative opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is an online marketing system where you can serve as the middle virtual man between consumers or buyers of a particular product and those offering the product, usually an established company.

The company pays you a commission, could be 10,15, or 20% for every product someone purchases through you. This is about the easiest of all the opportunities.

So long as you have up to a thousand Facebook friends and twitter followers you can do this.

Even 500 friends can still fetch you money.

All you’re expected of is to post ads of the products given to you by the company on your social media and go to bed.

Whenever anyone clicks on the product you shared, it directs them to the company’s E-market and when a purchase is made, your account is credited.

Yea, it’s that easy. Less hassles, less time consuming.

Glean a Skill and Sell It on Freelance Sites

freelance It’s not so bad already if you aren’t a proud owner of a skill yet, as long as you’re willing to learn, you can be fine.

Like earlier said, the internet is simplifying things daily, so you can easily learn a skill online and start making money by offering it to people in need of it.

I’ll dwell on two marketable skills that can wet your bank accounts.

They are; graphics and web design.

This skills can be learnt online free of charge.

There are bounty sites out there in the sky with tutorials on how to learn both skills.

Avail yourself the time to glean.

After you’ve mastered whichever skill  you choose to glean, you can register on freelance sites like fiverr, upwork, freelancer and other numerous online workplaces.

These sites have customers thronging in daily in search of web designers and graphic designers to hire.

Although your beginning might be little but your later would always be better off.

Maintain a reputation of delivering quality services right on schedule and you will rise up in months to the higher ranks where you don’t get to bid for online jobs, they just come to you with a pay that’s massive.

Services offered in those freelance sights are not limited to the two I mentioned, there are tons of them, you can check them out and see where you can fit in or the ones you can learn and offer in exchange for money.

Offer Writing Services

writing servicesContemporary writers are basking in financial splendour daily.

The appetite for premium content is ceaseless, writers are almost an endangered species in the online market.

Granted, your talent can propel you to amazing destinations in any field of discipline which includes writing, don’t fret now if you don’t have a knack for writing. It can be learned.

Anything in this world can be learnt.

With the right mindset and tenacity you can get better and even be the best at whatever you learnt.

For writing, it’s even easier, just read everyday and write everyday and you can get better as the earth revolves round the sun.

You’ll never know how good you are at a thing until you try it out.

There are too many blogs around in search of content creators, too many websites looking for copywriters and editors, if you hone your writing skills properly you’ll never run dry of funds.

With a laptop, skill and a couple of hours everyday, you’re sure to make money off the web.


You can even create a business for yourself online, put on your thinking hat and rack your brains out.

Everyone’s embedded with a unique sales point, it just needs grooming to materialize.

You can create your own trend for the world to follow.

Your brain cells are probably under utilized that’s why you are still in need.

Every business online platform was created by same human like you, which is why you too can innovate something.


Below are the list of online business opportunities in Nigeria 2018

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube Monetization
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Glean a Skill and Sell It on Freelance Sites
  5. Offer Writing Services

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