Norwegian Church Aid Request For Quotations, Friday 23, March 2018


Norwegian Church Aid Request For Quotations – Norwegian Church Aid is a global NGO executing compassionate guide programs in Nigeria is refreshing its database of pre-chosen organizations fit for conveyance/work in the Cross Rives and Benue who might be welcome to partake in offering for provisions, administrations and works identified with our exercises.


Companies offering any of the following supplies, services and works are being sought:


  • Non-food items (nfis) such as jerry cans, mosquito nets, multipurpose soap, hand soap, laundry soap, buckets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, zip lock bags (water proof), nail clips, 100 kg empty rice sacks
  • Water and sanitation (wash) equipment such as india mark ii hand pumps or other standardized hand pumps, water pumping equipment (hpde, pvc pipes and fittings…), water storage equipment (plastic and metallic tanks).
  • Solar power equipment supply, installation and maintenance.
  • Diesel generators and spare parts, supply installation and servicing.
  • Fuel supply.
  • It equipment and consumables (laptops, printers, smartphones, toners)
    Office furniture and stationary.
  • Printing of documents, booklets, leaflets, posters, stickers, vinyl (or plastic) printing, etc.
  • Construction tools such as hammers, machetes, ropes, mason buckets, plyers shovels, spades, metric bands, etc…
  • Construction materials such as cement, construction wood (2”x4”, 4”x4”, boards), nails, blocks
  • Arid materials, sand, gravels, stones…
  • Construction safety material: safety boots, hard hats, heavy duty work gloves, safety goggles etc.
  • Water treatment comsummables: liquid forms of chlorine, dry chlorine powder (hth 70% or other concentration)
  • Protection equipment paper masks, nitrile/latex gloves, syringes.
  • Fire safety services supply, commission and maintain fire safety equipment.


  • Vehicle hire services (goods and passenger)
  • Water trucking services
  • Latrine/septic tank disludging trukcs services
  • Conferencing rooms renting services for trainings and presentations
  • Security/guarding services
  • Painting services, local artists for advertising and sensitization materials
  • Theater and comedy companies.

Any company in a position to offer any of the supplies, services and works required and wishing to be included in our database should submit an expression of interest to any of the below addresses by 31st of  March 2018.

Companies will be expected to include copies of all certificates required by the Government of Nigeria from perspective bidders along with any other relevant documentation such as:


Tax Identification and Clearance Certificates


Commercial/industry accreditation, if applicable

Additionally, the expression of interest should include a company profile detailing all goods and services offered by the company, a price list if available, company contact details, authorised company representatives and a list of references.

This is purely information on business opportunities and does not constitute a commitment to purchase or any other form of contractual commitment with the Contracting Authority.

Please submit your applications with all the requested documents  to [email protected]

DEADLINE: 31 March, 2018

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