NAMING A PRODUCT – The Struggle Of An Entrepreneur


NAMING A PRODUCTNaming a product can be a really tough bone for so many entrepreneurs.


Even though I know I am gifted in the creation and use of words, I still struggle sometimes with this thing.

For instance, my team and I have been struggling for months on the name for one of our upcoming products.

We are clear on what the product is about but the name to call it is where the real headache has been.

For us, what we want to call this product has to be strategic and compelling enough because of what it would represent across Africa eventually.

We have brainstormed about it in the office like forever, moving back and forth, yet nothing was dropping.

I can’t remember the number of nights I have stayed awake or tossed in bed, thinking and sieving through so many name options.

On many nights, I would wake up by 2am and walk straight into one of my rooms just to think and think and think.

Yet nada.

But only yesterday evening, while taking a stroll, a certain name dropped and I almost fell off my feet!

I screamed!

It hit me like a thunderbolt and quickly I sent a private message to my team.

We chatted about it and today in the office we would be making a decision on it.

It is my job to make a compelling case to the team on this name and if they approve it, then great!

If they don’t, then the search continues.

But ultimately, we must find a name that ticks all the boxes for us on this one.

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