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  • Post Date: September 29, 2017
    Job Description

    Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria – We draw in capable people. Not exclusively would they be able to give you the advantage of their experience, they likewise uncover a closer, more individual take a gander at the extensive variety of worldwide open doors we offer. At the center of the Group’s kin procedure is our attention on worker engagement. Engagement is a key driver of efficiency and execution, which makes the establishment of our execution culture. We empower and concentrate on the practices that draw out the absolute best from each worker, evaluating their execution not simply on comes about but rather on how those outcomes were accomplished. To additionally insert these practices we have a compensation program set up, deliberately intended to boost our workers to experience our qualities consistently.


    Ref No: IGFMNG18
    Location: Nigeria

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    **  Our system regularly checks for multiple applications, using all of the data and system information provided during the application process. We will only ever recognise your first application, any subsequent applications will be deleted.

    **  Are you eligible?
    **  We don’t mind which university you attended, your grades, or what subject you studied, you just need to have completed an undergraduate level degree to apply to a Graduate job.
    **  You must also have the permanent legal right to work in the country to which you are applying.
    **  That means you do not need the Bank to apply for a work permit or visa, and that you are able to stay and work indefinitely in that country.