Jobs at African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Wednesday 11, April 2018


Jobs at African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Wednesday 11, April 2018 – African Development Bank Group (AfDB) – Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the head container African advancement foundation, advancing monetary development and social advance over the landmass.

There are 80 part states, incorporating 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries).

The Bank’s advancement motivation is conveying the money related and specialized help for transformative ventures that will essentially lessen destitution through comprehensive and feasible financial development.


Reference: ADB/17/410/2
Location: Côte d’Ivoire
Grade: GS7
Position N°: 50050050

The Vice-Presidency, Human Resources and Corporate Services (CHVP) Complex ensures the delivery of efficient, people-centered, client-oriented, corporate services to ensure overall institutional effectiveness in all aspects of the Bank’s corporate services.
The complex leads efforts to ensure the competitiveness of the Bank as the employer of choice and is responsible for providing leadership in the formulation and implementation of Bank’s strategies on people, IT, general services and institutional procurements, language services, business continuity, and health and safety strategies.

The primary roles of the General Services and Procurement Department (CHGS) are to manage the Bank’s assets, oversee all corporate procurement of goods, services, works and real estate, coordinate all staff travel and transport of Bank’s goods and staff, catering services and other logistics arrangements and the mail services and keep staff informed about services offered.
To this end the CHGS department formulates and applies rules for procurement, storage, and maintenance of furniture, office equipment and supply; design, prepare and implement programs for the construction or acquisition and maintenance of buildings and premises; formulate and ensure the proper and effective application of administration policies within the Bank in such areas as communications, transport, travels, security, protection and safety of the Bank’s staff and property; and perform related duties.
The department is responsible for managing the Bank’s fixed assets (valued at over UA 100,000,000). The CHGS department comprises 3 divisions supervised by the Director General Services and Procurement. These divisions are: (i). Operations and Maintenance Division (CHGS.1); (ii). Corporate Procurement Division (CHGS.2); and (iii). Support Services Division (CHGS.3).

The objective of this job will be to administer contracts; liaise with User Departments and with suppliers to monitor performance, to ensure compliance and to resolve any eventual disputes.
The job holder provides support to the planning activities of the contracting function and preparing relevant statistics.

Under the Supervision of the Chief Procurement Officer, the Senior Contracts Assistant will:

Administer contracts; liaise with User Departments and with suppliers to monitor performance, to ensure compliance and to resolve any eventual disputes.
Review and approve contracts within the delegated authority threshold.
Prepare regular progress reports on contracting activities and answer questions concerning procurement and contracting.
Schedule and attend meetings with user departments to discuss and resolve contracting issues.
Provide support to the contracting activities of the procurement function and preparing relevant statistics.
Develop templates and guidance documents for the contracting function of the department.
Deliver training to user departments for improved contract management within the Bank.
Develop and monitor contract administration program pre and post award, providing guidance and direction to support the implementation of work relative to contract issues.
Develop and manage contract renewal schedules for all ongoing requirement contracts.
Support clients’ efforts in creating annual works program estimates and plans.

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

Hold at least a Bachelor Degree or its equivalent in Business Administration, Economics, Law, Marketing, Management, Computer Science or other related fields.
Have a minimum of five (5) years of relevant work experience as a contract administrator, contract manager or relevant role with experience from private sector being an added advantage.
Good understanding, interpretation and application of the Bank’s rules and procedures and public procurement principles.
Knowledge of legal requirements involved with contracts.
Familiarity with accounting procedures.
Experience in contracting and contract monitoring.
Having private sector experience will be an added advantage.
Demonstrate careful attention to detail or essential elements and accuracy of information before making a decision or delivering the information.
Ability to break down complex situations, examine it from various angles, develop practical and realistic recommendations / solutions
Ability to understand how clients perceive and assess quality of services provided and answer internal or external clients’ requests quickly
Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other language.
Proficient in the use of standard MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Practical knowledge of SAP systems will be an advantage.


Reference: ADB/18/013/2
Location: Tunisia
Grade: PL2
Position N°: 50076499

The Chief Economist/Vice-President for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management is the Bank’s spokesperson on economic matters and the Vice President for the ‘Economics Governance and Knowledge Management Complex.
The Complex is responsible for (i) providing leadership and visibility for the Bank on economic, finance, financial governance and socio economic development issues; and coordinate the generation of analytical works to inform operational policy; (ii) systematically emphasize the critical role of knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and their tangible impact on sustainable, inclusive transformation of African economies.
The Complex will inspire, generate and provide direct support to the President and Senior Management of the Bank on a broad range of technical and management issues within the broad remit of economic, finance, public financial governance, management and social economics.

The Chief Economist/Vice-President for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management Complex’s core mandate has been to position the Bank as a trusted broker of knowledge in the pursuit of Africa’s development and make it a world class center of excellence advocating for evidence based policy making.
The Complex is therefore responsible for the management of Bank Group knowledge produce.
This includes knowledge generation through strategic and applied research, knowledge measurement embedded in statistical and data work, knowledge generated from operational and field experiences, and knowledge sharing through dissemination, networking and partnerships. Hence the Complex’s activities can broadly be categorized as:  (i) providing the knowledge base to support the effectiveness of Bank Group Operations and policy dialogue in Regional Member Countries; (ii) Capacity development in Regional Member Countries and Sub-Regional Organizations in statistics, project and economic management; and, (iii) Leadership in coordination of knowledge advocacy, financial and economic governance in Africa.

Under the guidance of the Chief Economist, the Lead Economist drives the Bank’s leadership in building sustainable competitive economies in the Regional Member Countries.
He / she contributes to policy dialog and coordinates the Bank’s economic analytical work, with the view to spur a culture of excellency and stewardship for the Bank’s clients and partners.
The Lead Economist enhances the Bank’s branding in providing high standard economic advice to the clients in alignment with the donor community in the Regional Member Countries.

Ensure the Bank is at the forefront of economic development knowledge and practice in support to the Regional Member Countries’ effective management of macroeconomic policy.
Leading the preparation of country strategy papers, in collaboration with the regional directorates and other stakeholders inside and outside the Bank.
Developing partnerships with the other knowledge departments within the Complex and in and outside the Bank, and ensure that the highest level of knowledge is incorporated in the design of Bank strategies and operations.
Leading production of flagship reports on country economic issues
Leading the prioritization of the High 5s in country strategy papers in collaboration with the regional directorates and other stakeholders.
Leading the application of economic research generated inside and outside of the Bank, to the development and review of economic policy solutions tailored to the specific circumstances of each Regional Member Countries.
Coordinating the work of country economists in the Bank towards improved harmonization of approaches and standards of quality
Leading the production of country-relevant, timely, analytically sound, and reliable policy advice for Regional Member Countries.
Monitoring economic conditions and policies in Regional Member Countries and providing policymakers with well researched insights about developments in their economies.
Provide advice and guidance on core Bank policies, strategies and processes for greater Bank effectiveness.
Foster the Bank’s position on high level strategic issues in relation to economic governance.
Enhance the Bank’s comparative advantage and quality assurance in delivering its development goals to the Regional Member Countries.
Design, lead and oversee the implementation of the Bank’s knowledge strategy.
Manage and monitor the complex’ economic research agenda.
Support the economic work transformation venture across the Bank, in coordination with other relevant Bank Units.
Coordinate partnership with sister institutions on high level economic development initiatives in support to the Regional Member Countries.
Contribute to knowledge generation and outreach.

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:
A minimum of Master’s Degree in Macroeconomics, Econometrics or Applied Economics; a PhD will be an added advantage.
A minimum of eight (8) years of relevant and progressive professional experience in macroeconomic management, Applied economics, Research, gained within major international organizations.
Standing record of support in macroeconomic modelling and forecasting, including debt management issues in the Regional Member Countries is a must.
Evidence of recently international published works in economics in international journals or books published by reputable publishers.
Excellent knowledge of the international development institutions’ policies, guidelines and procedures.
Proven experience in leading policy dialog with the highest level of Government bodies in the Regional Member Countries.
Demonstrated operational experience in a multilateral setting.
A very good background in corporate services activities in particular in procurement management, fixed assets management for public development organizations.
Solid experience in knowledge and partnership leverage.
Competence in the use of at least one standard econometric software for empirical analysis.
Communicate and write effectively in French or English, with a good working knowledge of the other language.
Competence in the use of standard Microsoft Office Suite applications.

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DEADLINE: 24 April, 2018

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