Human Resources Officer Vacancy at INTERSOS, Monday 14, May 2018


Human Resources Officer Vacancy at INTERSOS, Monday 14, May 2018 – INTERSOS is an autonomous philanthropic association that helps the casualties of catastrophic events, equipped clashes and avoidance. Its exercises depend on the standards of solidarity, equity, human pride, uniformity of rights and openings, regard for assorted variety and concurrence, giving careful consideration to the most defenseless individuals.


Works with the technical support of the National HR Coordinator based in HQ for the management of the National Staff (policies/strategies, rules and tools)
He/she is responsible for the design, regular update and implementation of the National Staffs Internal Regulations
He/she supports the mission staffs (National and International) with team management responsibilities in the application of Internal Regulations.

Reporting to:
Hierarchical: Head of Mission (hierarchical/technical supervisor)
Functional: National Hr Coordinator
Coordinates with: Country Finance Officer


Designs, implements and updates the National Staffs Internal Regulations in line with INTERSOS standards and with the local Labour Law. The regulations include as
ANNEX: the salary grid/list of functions, the recruitment process, the evaluation process and the steps foreseen for the Induction of new hired staff
Develops a standardized Induction programme for national staff
Designs and implements the salary grid. Updates the grid on regular basis with the support of the National Hr Coordinator
In coordination with the Mission Sectorial Coordinators (e.g. Head of Mission, Country Finance Officer, Log coordinator, Project Manager) designs and updates the mission
organizational charts (for both National and International staffs) and the national staff Job Descriptions. Guarantees standardization across the mission
Follows up on local training opportunities for the National Staffs and shares information/coordinates with the Project Managers or any other relevant team member.
Supports in the identification of possible training needs Implementation and Monitoring
Monitors and guarantees the implementation of the Internal Regulations through regularly visits to the project locations
Keeps track of the training taken by the National Staffs
With the support of the project administrators guarantees that all personnel dossiers are kept in order and updated (e.g. contract of employment, contract’s amendment,
CV, national id, pictures, disciplinary measures, leave requests and justifications resignation letters)
Coordinates local recruitments (e.g.: prepares the Job Vacancies, checks the received applications and participates in the shortlisting, participates in interviews and oversees the whole selection process)
Supports all team members with team management responsibilities when dealing with disciplinary measures
Support the Coordinators in the evaluation process and guarantees that all National staffs are properly and regularly evaluated. Makes sure evaluations are properly archived
Regularly visits the project locations and verifies the implementation of the Internal Regulations
Supports the Country Finance Officer in making sure that the payslips correctly includes what is foreseen in terms of remuneration by the Internal Regulations
Support the Head of Mission in the implementation and follow-up of the International Staffs annual leaves
Writes and shares regular ad-hoc reports of his/her own work Representation
Makes sure the Internal Regulations is validated by INTERSOS legal advisor and by the local Labour Office
Liaises with the local legal advisor and with the labour office on the HR matters


No TA/DA will be provided for appearing into interview. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Thank you for your interest for working with INTERSOS


DEADLINE: 21 May, 2018

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