Flotel Coordinator – RSES-D – Expat Vacancy at Amaiden Energy, Nigeria Limited, Friday 27, April 2018


Flotel Coordinator – RSES-D – Expat Vacancy at Amaiden Energy, Nigeria Limited, Friday 27, April 2018 – Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited, (previously Moody International Nigeria Limited) was set up in 1996 as an association between Moody International Group and Nigerian speculators. Since starting activities in March 1997 the organization keeps on developing and applies its essence in various Projects in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.


Category: Others
Job Type: Contracts
Job Nature: Resident

The holder of this Service is responsible for achieving the goals of the FPSO package associated with the SERVICE title.
He is responsible for the effective and efficient execution of all activities on behalf of the Company within her/his perimeter.
She/he ensures that the interfaces are defined appropriately with other relevant entities and stakeholders.

She/he has the following main responsibilities:
Follow up the mobilization of the Flotel in China and make sure that the CONTRACTOR provide suitably trained personnel, technally sound Flotel and have relevant procedures and documentation in place for the operations at site
Ensure that Company QHSE/H3SE values are respected and enforced. Ensure compliance with the quality requirements in her/his activities; Ensure that Safety is a shared value among his team and Contractors. Take part in the implementation of the Safety Culture program “IMPACTS” within MHN Project,
Ensure implementation of state of the art rules, the Group requirements and its subsidiary TEPC, local regulations and contractual requirements;
Develop strategies, philosophies and sub-targets to meet the main objectives of QH3SE / Costs / Planning for the MHN FPSO package and its implications on the MHN project,
RSES-D of the Flotel;
COMPANY SITE Representative for the Flotel contractor
Be responsible of all the offshore logistics and coordination with onshore logistics team;
Maximize flotel safety and efficiency as support to offshore operations
Ensure safe and optimal accomodation of personnel onboard the flotel

Ensure that the QHSE/H3SE policies are implemented during each phase of the project and all activities in cooperation with the HSE and QAQC leaders. Take steps to achieve HSE objectives of the Project. Promote as well local content;
Involve him/herself in all safety aspects of the MHN FPSO WORK and report/resolve any anomaly noticed on working sites. Systematically propose remedial action. Do intervene,
Support and enforce the QHSE Project objectives and directives on-board the flotel, including the safety culture program (IMPACTS),
Support and implement the Project QHSE management system (plans, procedure and specifications),
Monitor the implementation of quality and safety procedures and working practices by Contractor, to perform regular safety tours, specific inspections, …Etc. Promote 5S principles on workplace including offices,
Comply with the HSE Training required for his/her position,

Anticipate contractual and technical flotel mobilisation.
Attend the flotel mobilization at Fujian Mawei Shipyard in China and assist CONTRACTOR in being ready on time
Prepare relevant Logistics files for Flotel operation at site
Liaise closely with affiliate’s Logistics Department regarding passengers and material transfer matters to/from Flotel
When at site, be part of the FPSO Project daily management meeting as person responsible of all the logistics offshore and coordination with onshore.
Be part of Flotel Contract Management.
Daily coordinate with offshore parties (flotel captain, all packages and operators, flotel contractor, catering contractor, etc.)
Ensure safe, clean, secure, ethical, fair accomation of all personnel accommodated onboard the flotel.
Ensure communications on-board the flotel of required information
Define and follow flotel KPI

Make sure the crew and catering personnel are competent and suitably trained
Make sure that the flotel is mobilized on time, following among other the re-certification process, installation of surfer landings, performance of DP trials, …
Ensure Flotel is ready for arrival on site and operation (IT, catering, room usage, deck space, etc…).
Ensure documentation is ready prior to flotel arrival (in particular HSE documents, logistics plans, etc…).
Collect feedback from other Projects including Kaombo.
Ensure necessary inductions are prepared

Ensure compliance with TUPNI rules for all the activities carried out under CPY Flotel perimeter.
Put in place drills in coordination with FPSO to ensure readiness and reliability in case of evacuation.
Ensure evacuation means are always available and in line with of evacuation philosophy previously reviewed.

Manage all personnel logistics (FPSO & flotel) except for operators: transportation between onshore and offshore, POB, etc. Liaise with operators for their logistics.
Be part of the daily FPSO coordination meeting and ensure contractors needs for material are well identified.
Be the focal point with onshore to ensure material status is in line with offshore needs.
Manage the flotel deck layout in order to store Hook Up and Commissioning material.
Manage works on flotel deck

Follow up flotel activities and ensure any forecasted disconnections are in line with the hook up activities and constraints.
Ensure indicators are in place to forecast weather disconnections and alert FPSO team.
Ensure best connectivity of Flotel in close coordination with the Master. Seek coordination with FOPS MOM for any specific Marine issues.
Carry-out regular vessel inspection during offshore campaign, and follow-up vessel certificates validity and renewal as required.
Manage Catering Contractor activities to have best possible conditions for Flotel users. Evaluate and review performance.
Manage Flotel POB to control and optimize available POB

Graduate engineer familiar with offshore activities, with a good level of technical understanding in all disciplines involved and some knowledge in contractual issues.
Good understanding of the contractual relationships between project, FPSO Contractor, and the interfacing parties.
Strong expertise in planning and quality surveyor activities.
Good knowledge of Logistics and Offshore Marine Operations is a key .

At least 5 years’ experience with large onshore and offshore oil & gas industry.
Fluent English and French.


DEADLINE: 3 May, 2018

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