Customer Survey Representatives (CSR) Vacancy at Lumos Nigeria, Wednesday 18, April 2018


Customer Survey Representatives (CSR) Vacancy at Lumos Nigeria, Wednesday 18, April 2018 – Lumos offers spotless and reasonable sun oriented energy to a market of 1.3 billion potential clients who live off the power grid.Lumos empowers individuals to supplant risky and costly lamp fuel generators and lamps with current sun based power that can control lights, cellphones, fans, PCs, TVs and other little electronic gadgets (at the same time, each day).

By offering Solar Power as a Service, Lumos offers homes and independent companies a basic and moderate approach to pay for power in little portions utilizing their cell phones.


The Customer Survey Representative (CSR) is the front-line service professional for Lumos Nigeria. Lumos Customer Survey Representatives must build customer loyalty and increase brand value with each interaction – Phone/E-mail/Chat/In-Person. establishing meaningful connections and confidently driving accurate and appropriate resolutions to problems with customer systems or other aspects of the customer experience, by daily reassuring and gaining customer trust in every interaction.
This will be done predominantly through calls (Inbound & Outbound), E-mails, Social media & other channels. A high degree of flexibility is required to meet the daily workload at pre-agreed SLAs for extended periods of high volumes.
You may be expected to take sales calls and other additional departmental tasks.
Each interaction must end on a positive note, in which you will be required to use customers crediting history to upsell a higher subscription plan to the customer for better value, presenting appropriate alternatives when necessary.
Choice of words must demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for customer care excellence, maintaining focus and positivity while resolving challenging or complex problems.
Apply active listening skills, interject and paraphrase appropriately to best understand the customer’s needs and wants.
Make confident decisions and take meaningful and appropriate action using available tools and resources according to SOPs, troubleshoot problems encountered within the customer system or proprietary tools e.g. Telemetry, UHD, CRM etc. Take personal initiative to achieve goals and objectives.
Meet all key performance Indicators – Login time, Quality, Average Handle Time (productivity), Schedule Compliance & other related job duties as assigned as key success to organizational goals.
You are expected to be Boundaryless, Customer-Centric, Passionate, Agile, Innovative, Pioneering, Dynamic, Collaborative, and Results-Focused.

Work with high level of enthusiasm to resolve customer complaint within unit KPIs list below:

Probe within reason and provide troubleshooting assistance to customers
Request for assistance/escalate to next Tier if customers issue persist after extensive troubleshooting
Individual KPI
Qualitatively: 95% quality score per interaction
Quantitatively: 50 – 100 successful & completed customer interactions/day
Monthly Job Knowledge Quiz: 95% score
Rostered Attendance – 100%
Team KPI
24hrs successful interaction per case generated

First Degree in any discipline
Multilingual – English & at least 1 Major Local Language (2 Major Local languages will be a plus)
Minimum of 35 WPM at 96% typing accuracy
Ability to navigate through multiple computer applications with speed and accuracy.
Ability to accept and implement coaching and feedback in order to achieve individual and team performance
Strong communication skills
Excellent computer skills and use of Gmail/outlook
Ear for details
Strong follow through skills
Quick learner
Maintain a high level of world class customer service/professionalism to a wide range of customers.
Ability to connect with customers and bring enthusiasm, excitement and empathy to call / other interactions
Multitasking skills – Hold a conversation while typing in summary notes
6 months+ work experience in a customer service related role preferably
Strong problem-solving skills
Good communications skills
A high level of accuracy
Attention to details
Fast learner
Team player
Willingness to put in extra hours when required.

Applicants should send their Applications and CV’s to: [email protected]

DEADLINE: 23 April, 2018

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