Business Analyst Vacancy at Cummins Nigeria, Friday 13, April 2018


Business Analyst Vacancy at Cummins Nigeria, Friday 13, April 2018 – Cummins Inc. a worldwide influence pioneer, is a fortune 500 enterprise of corresponding specialty units that outline, make, appropriate and benefit motors and related innovations, including fuel frameworks, controls, air taking care of, filtration, emanation arrangements and electrical influence age frameworks.

By working to coordinate the production, shipment, and delivery of the goods & Customer Service Support required to meet their business needs, Cummins Inc. has been able to more easily meet the demands of their customers.

REQ ID: 180002C9

Responsible for the preparation of sales analyses and reports for their manager, the sales force, sales management, general management, and marketing.
Prepares sales analyses and reports for their manager, the sales force, sales management, general management, and marketing.
Supports the Synchronized Business Planning Process (Demand Track).
Works with assigned customers, markets, or geographical regions to develop annual budgets, expense and staffing forecasts, and statistical reporting.
Prepares statistical reporting, including sales performance, variance explanations, and cost analysis.
Maintains Sales Analytic Tools based on Standard Cummins Tools and Processes.
Executes special projects as assigned.
Assures good communication and coordination between account management, field sales, upstream influencers, sales management, inside sales and sales analysts (as applicable) to attain the goals of the sales strategy and culture, management of customers, sales talent management and sales operations.

Education, Licenses, Certifications:

College, university, or equivalent degree in Finance, Accounting or related field required.

Minimal relevant professional work experience in the field of study required.

Communication Skills – Verbal communication and presentation skills utilizing telephone and web technologies. Possesses listening and written communication skills. May not have sufficient opportunities to demonstrate all skills. Moderate support is required to apply the skills effectively in typical work situations.
Sales reporting and forecasting – Able to accurately report actual and project future sales and margin results by a relevant segmentation (i.e. product line, territory, customer or market segment)
Manage Execution – Solid understanding of how to manage execution. Manages the performance of self and others through the use of structured tools. Able to delegate effectively and regularly with solid support and follow through. Uses defined processes to manage execution.
Market Analysis – Familiar with the primary competition in the market. Aware of regulatory, political, and other environmental pressures currently at work in the market(s) of interest.
Project management – Familiarity with the basic elements of each area of knowledge and its relevance to PM. This person understands enough to know when / if a given task or problem requires or could benefit from the application of the skill but is not capable of applying the skill themselves. This person knows when, where, and how to get assistance.
Financial analysis – Applies financial analysis as part of their work. Has more than one year experience with analyzing financial data. Understands what data is needed for an analysis and is able to gather relevant data. Is able to draw conclusion from analysis and effectively communicate the results with limited assistance. Able to use basic MS Excel functionality.
Analyze issues – Some knowledge or awareness of how to analyze issues. Demonstrates basic analysis of issues and some application of logic and problem solving skills. Identifies the connection between different issues and problems.
Product Knowledge – Knowledge of products/services and product/service lines. Able to represent the features and benefits to sell the products and services. Able to recognize customer needs and suggest product applications to solve problems and create benefits for the customer.


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