Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) Job Recruitment 2018


Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) Job Recruitment 2018 – The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an autonomous medicinal guide association situated in Dakar, Senegal.

ALIMA has three important specialized topics: giving medicinal care in philanthropic emergencies, supporting the improvement of national restorative associations, and directing operational research to convey therapeutic advancement to the field.

We are trying to select dynamic and reasonably qualified and experienced Nigerians for our Lassa Fever Emergency Medical Response Project, to fill the positions beneath:

Title: Admin Supervisor
Owo, Ondo State
Position Level: 6
Direct Supervisor: Log. Coordinator
Main Function(s)

  • The Admin Supervisor is responsible for the management of the administrative files of the national staff and the administrative and accounting management of the project where he works.

Mission and Principal Activities
Administrative Management of Personnel:

  • Assigns work, provides direction to staff and ensures that assigned tasks are completed. Ensures effective and appropriate staff coverage.
  • Monitors the performance of staff. Provides feedback on their performance and conducts performance evaluation.
  • Participates in the recruitment and selection of staff by performing duties such as advertising vacancies locally, screening resumes, interviewing applicants and providing input on selection.
  • Evaluates, develops and recommends office procedures and practices to senior management. Ensures that approved office policies, practices and procedures are understood and followed.
  • Performs a variety of secretarial duties such as drafting and typing routine correspondence, arranging meetings and taking minutes.
  • Maintains a variety of financial records such as petty cash fund, purchase orders and cheque requisitions. Provides input into budget formulation.
  • Maintains staff and program information using spreadsheet and/or database software.
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Payroll Management

  • He captures the variable elements of the payroll in Homer
  • He validates the requests of instalments and records them on Homer,
  • He collects the attendance sheets and notes the various absences, collects overtime cards and checks their validity, and enters these in the Homer payroll software.

He/she establishes the monthly pay slips:

  • It publishes the ballots and verifies that each ballot is correctly established,
  • He has checked and targeted salary listings by the logistician-administration or field administration manager,
  • It prints the bulletins and closes the pay of the month.

At the end of the contract, he establishes the balances of all accounts:

  • It verifies the rights to paid holidays, enters the variable elements of the salary into the payroll software,
  • He/she prints payslips and gives to staffs and files acknowledged copy
  • He causes these elements to be targeted and transmitted to the employee.

Administrative and Accounting Management

  • He/she in charge of accounting management under the supervision of the logistics and administration manager and under the responsibility of the Accountant, in strict compliance with ALIMA internal procedures
  • He reports the inconsistencies to the Accounting Coordinator or the Field Administration Coordinator.

Money Management
He/she is responsible for the sums entrusted to him in his safe and manages them with discretion:

  • Maintains follow-up workbooks (for operational advances, payroll, suppliers’ advances) and ensures that advances are delivered on time, justified by invoices and do not accumulate,
  • Ensures at least weekly that his physical inventory corresponds to the balance of his workbook in the presence of his supervisor,
  • Plans cash demands based on daily needs during the month (payday advances, month-end pay, daily needs – operational advances and direct payment
  • Provides monthly cash flow with its supervisor and communicates it to the financial coordinator,
  • Signals with his supervisor any operational changes that may require additional funds.
  • Checks the balance of bank statements,
  • Signs any difference in cash on his notebook and his manager as soon as he finds it.

He shall pay the suppliers on time (direct payment / operational advances):

  • Receives invoices and receipts, ensures that they are consistent and conform, that they are validated by the purchasing officer and in accordance with the purchasing procedure in force,
  • Informs his supervisor of any difference in price and quantity detected in order to resolve or validate it,
  • Pay by the most appropriate means (cash, checks, transfers) and ensure that they are received by the recipient (stamp, signature …).


  • Remains discreet about the professional and personal life of team members.


Title: Logistic Supervisor
Owo, Ondo State
Position Level: 6
Direct Supervisor: Log. Coordinator
Main Function (s)

  • The Admin Supervisor is responsible for the management of the administrative files of the national staff and the administrative and accounting management of the project where he works.

Main Purpose

  • Supervise the daily logistics activities. and provide maintenance to the ALIMA equipments, facilities and infrastructures, according to ALIMA protocols in order to maintain the facilities in perfect conditions and collaborate in the development of the mission


  • Monitor maintenance activities of infrastructures, management of non-medical stocks and equipment according to ALIMA standards.
  • Ensure the check and follow-up of facilities under the line manager supervision.
  • Carrying out daily visits to the facilities, reporting any anomalies or problems to the line manager.
  • Evaluating rehabilitation needs and following up minor building rehabilitation work in accordance with instructions given by his supervisor, and accounting to him/her on progress
  • Checking that premises observe security norms (fire extinguishers present, electrical installations earthed, etc.).
  • Monitoring the consumption of mechanical and electrical vehicles /machines/devices
  • Planning together with the line manager required checks and maintenance activities of energy systems/set-up according to ALIMA standards
  • Coordinate and lead the logistics team under his/her responsibility, in particular:
  • Defining each person’s tasks, supervising them on a daily basis and checking the quality of their work (punctuality, rigour, quality, etc.).
  • Drawing up working schedules for logistics teams for each department or facility.
  • Organising and leading meetings of the team under his supervision.
  • Participating in the recruitment of personnel for his team.
  • Attending logistics meetings and accounting for his activities.

For ALIMA: Ensure vehicle fleet maintenance:

  • Planning and overseeing timely preventative and curative maintenance of all project vehicles according to ALIMA standards.
  • Instructing and monitoring drivers on correct driving habits and standard checks.
  • Manage and follow up orders, namely (note: this does not apply for ALIMA)
  • Collect logistics orders coming from different departments or health facilities,
  • Draw up and follow up orders according to the procedures in force.
  • Provide technical support to the storekeeper
  • Make local purchases according to ALIMA supply procedures
  • Ensure reception conditions of freight or arriving material as well as the organization and setting up of material before its shipment.


  • Essential Secondary education and formal technical training


  • At least one year in ALIMA or 2 years in a similar post out of ALIMA


  • Mission language essential; local language desirable.


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel)
  • Competences
  • Results.
  • Teamwork.
  • Flexibility.
  • Commitment.
  • Stress Management.
  • The responsibilities mentioned above are not exhaustive and other work may be requested depending on the needs of the mission.

Application Method
Interested candidates should send their CV’s to: [email protected]

Note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted

Deadline  23rd January, 2018.

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